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The impression small business Tober dairy farm makes can last much longer with the right business card to back it up. Vistaprint offering five hundred truly personalized business cards starting at nine ninety nine that's five hundred cards with exactly the look you want for just ninety nine plus your information and logo hundreds of fresh designs tailored to your type of company or your own original take from paper stocks like that loss or uncoded. You can even upgrade to unique touch, like rounded corners, the choices yours. The time is now. Now not cow farmer Tober, get five hundred business cards starting at nine ninety nine at vistaprint dot com with promo code eighty four eighty four that's promo code eight four eight four at checkout. On vistaprint dot com vistaprint on the now. Hi, I'm Jay Farner CEO of Quicken Loans, thirty percent of Americans who are planning home, improvements of five thousand dollars or more. We'll pay for those renovations, with a high interest credit card that may not be a great idea, a better idea maybe to take cash out of your home with a Quicken Loans. Thirty year fixed rate mortgage, the rate today on our thirty year fixed rate mortgage is four point one to five percents. APR four point two two percent. Call us today at eight hundred quicken or go to rocketmortgage dot com. Eight eight thousand feet receives. Just call for cost information. Equal housing lender. MLS number thirty. Right now. You can get both sprints unlimited plan and the all new Samsung. Galaxy S ten included for just thirty five dollars per month for line for five lines. All you need is approved credit and eighteen month. Lease no-trade in required. Visit sprint store sprint dot com or call eight hundred sprint one fifty two twenty two fifty credit applied within two bills against overly remain unbalanced after six thirty twenty eight thirty two. Data deprioritization rejections maximum. Restrictions apply. Something. Mark Levin is on the radio. The new American revolution starts here to Mark Levin show. Call in at eight seven seven three eight one three eight one one Folkestone. Forget. Nine thirty. Tonight. Eastern time on Hannity. You know, we're just a few months away from the reader research center there twenty nineteen Mediterranean cruise. So if you haven't signed up, you should do it right away for the best cabins or so that you can go to 'em RC cruise dot com for all the details or call eight MRC trip, the eleven day trip starts and ends in Rome stops in some of the most beautiful, and interesting places in.

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