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Very cool. All right, So let's see. Here's a couple of other things. I like this. If you like, game, you stuff, which would you rather have here? There's a Yogi Bera 1956 57 game used catcher's mask. With a 25 $100 minimum bed and they have a bunch of photos showing him where it it added up. Okay, that's pretty neat and then a Thurman months and 1977 game used cap with the $2500 minimum bed. That's tough. Yeah, it would be tough. I'd have to maybe get both and actually played catcher for my, uh, my nephew got the Afghan the head backwards from mention. Yeah, that's right. Sure, That would be the perfect Tambo bill. That's what Vince says. When it's like which pack are you going to open? He goes well, that's a tough to rise. I'll open both of us. There's a big right. Yeah, right. We already have a split plan for after the show. Bill. That's going to be nice. Good one. It's going to be a good one. I think for sure. Okay. What else do we have going here? Let's see. Boy picked up tweeted this one too. I'm working on a, uh 1964 tops baseball said I've been doing a 61 64 just piece by piece forever. They're kind of fun to do. I like both of those sets and I realized they didn't have a hot Carol. Some 64 top, So I thought, Well, I'll look on and I got an sGC eight. I thought if I'm going to get it, it's not that expensive. I'll get a nice one. So I tweeted it. Yesterday, a picture of it and I just said you can put it on the ball because you know, I've got that included in my set now absolutely Miska who used to be He was a producer of our show in the old days. For a few years. First, it was Ernie Scatting did it for a few years, then Miska and misc Assad and responded. What did he say? Here? He is something like Oh, it also tells Rico Petrocelli stories like that's always talking about Rico affected Sally and you know? Yes, Mickey Mantle. Always tell the stories about guys. Good. Come back on that one for sure. Yeah, OK, The number here is 312332. 3776. If you have anything exciting now we're going to have a bonus question because the men have been struggling in which ended higher. Nancy Huggins is dominating. So I've got a bonus question coming up afterwards, and we'll do it in reverse order, so that get the first chance at it. So right now Tyler's had had in a rough spell. So you wouldn't Tyler are tied at three. I'm going to give Tyler the first pick this week, Sure, because Tyler's been going backwards, So that's at least the worst he can do is stay. We're going. You're good with that, Tyler, You're good with leading Austin. Very, very generous of you. I can't lose any points. You know, It's a good And then we'll see if Nancy Huggins can be and with us today. If not, maybe, you know you guys can can move up, John. Oh, here. Oh, she's here. Oh, I haven't heard any of Boisterous talking in the background there, but oh, so we'll see what happens Well, well, like maybe I have to decide if there's a pretty good hint for it. So I think maybe I'll give the hint beforehand. And if none of the guys get it, Nancy will have the chance to get it. I think somebody will get it. I would bet If you guys don't get it, John Drummond gets that that That would be that with a hint, But we'll see. I don't to be honest with you. I don't know if I would have got it from the hint. I really know the guy's name, but I don't know if I would have gotten it from the Internet. But you do know the answer, Right? You do know the answer. Because you know, at this time and 5 10 minutes, $2. Maybe I won't right now. Sure. Yeah, I know what it is, Oh, boy, so that will be coming up right after which ended higher. No, it's good. I've been putting down. What do you think of this? So we'll remember. Originally they were talking about Maybe the sacks could trade for Kris Bryant. But then the Cubs were in it were like they're not going to blow it up. Now they're going to blow it up. But here's the way I actually want the sacks to trade for. I think the number one thing they need right now is a second basement. And either Adam Frazier with Mayor Field or even having by as if he wants to play second. If he'd be willing to do that, he's a rich. He has played second and is a really good second basement for sure. But Adam Frazier and I Love Wit, Mayor field and he can move down the right field to he could play either one. So that than I originally was thinking they need a lefty Batch Schwarber, but he's hurt. You don't want another guy. With injury problems. Joey Gallo or another current cub, Jack Peterson, Jack Peterson. Sacks They offered him, I think at 10 Million deal I think he thought he was going to get more ended up signing for less with the Cubs. So the sack sent didn't like him. That lefty bet would be good. And Joey Gallo has been hitting homers like crazy. Yeah. So exciting this year. And you know what? The Cubs are dot of it yet the writer of 500, they go on a little winning streak of an only back. I think so. Yeah. Eternal Cubs fan here. This is it. This is it. This is a TNT thing here. I just blew it up here. I just hit the blowing up. I don't think they need to completely blow it up. But if they're not going to sign, guys, if they get the right offers, as of today, they got it. Take them. They're probably they like way out of their first place. They're also way behind in the wild card. There's only two wild cards this year. I mean, you have to be realistic. Can't have all these guys did not get anything for him. I mean, you know, it's still there's hope. I'm sorry. There's hope under North sites. Uh, you're you're more optimistic that anyway, my hope would be maybe the sacks end up with one of those guys. But now who? If you could only keep one of the three between Bryant Rizzo and buy as which one would you keep? I keep Bryant. Thank you Just got to keep them. You know, Rizzo's got the black the back problem, Which really, you know, that's that you can't How can you give him a long term deal He's been missing every year now. Twice this year. Great player, but he's getting up there a little bit. Why is you know they have some middle infielders. He's a really good player hits the home runs and everything, but, uh, I don't know if they have to do big money. I think I'd be I'd be trying to keep Kris Bryant I hope the socks get mirror field. You know, he don't have like He's a leader. He's the right ingredient in that. Yes, him and 10 Manderson 12 at the top of your I think that would be great for sure. Out of three. A brave for that would be something. It's time for a short break here. Now after the break, we'll have John Bulldog Drummond and Nancy Huggins join us for this week's episode of which ended higher and then a bonus question afterwards. So hang in. There will be right back. Dear Exit strategy. Let's pick the perfect Toyota for our great escape slip away to a tranquil lake in the sporty Camry. Admire starlit nights in the elegant Venza escape into an emerald.

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