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That crazy play through the that wacky Hail Mary. All right, so that was right after the Bible. Murray? Yep, Hell, Murray, they won 32 to 30. And so it was all right. This team is on the on the they they might do. All right. Then they played Seattle, right? That's when he got hurt that right? And then he gets hurt. And then New England is the struggle they lose. They lose to the Rams again. They beat the Giants and Eagles because they were bad at that time, and then they lose the last two games against the 40 Niners in the Rams, and so it just it fell apart, even though it felt like it was heading in the right direction, so that but it fell apart for a reason. Murray got hurt. Did he stopped running football? Yes, yes, And they became very predictable. It's a very good point, but they ended up losing some games that I got just I don't know. I'm betting money on Carol on the Cardinals to make it. Yeah, just a little context there. I'm I'm on the fence. I You know, it's not about me. It's not even about the Cardinals. It's about their division man. There's no doubt it's just rough. If they're like in the South, or they're in the NFC east of the different story right now, Elizabeth in the NFC East, they probably won 13 games. This upset with 13. I'm saying if they were 13, the Giants aren't as good as I think that, and Washington is not as giant. So line is. It's Yeah, it's rough. It's it's restaurants. Gonna sabotage this season. Billy's gonna Yes, like no playoffs and destroyed the season. The giant that's not the giant. What I was thinking three weeks ago. Yes, but then I watched the last preseason game by the way, was the only time the starters started. And it was ugly. And I'm not just talking about Andrew. Thomas got three sacks. You know, I know was sick. So he was sick earlier in the week and he wanted to play because he didn't have any time. Maybe there's a little bit of excuse there. But Matt Peart on the other side. He wasn't sick. He looked that bad. It looks sick after the game. Exactly. So I got really worry about them. And I really worry them. They're going to push sake. Want out there too soon? God, and I don't know. I'm just worried. I'm optimistic, but I'm worried. Okay, okay. Let's get the update from act coming up after that inbounds out of bounds. How about this? An unexpected trade destination for Ben Simmons. Would it make sense for both sides will dissect that after acts up there Right now, here's rich. CBS Sports flag and Guys Better late than never for the baseball Hall of Fame class of 2020, who had to wait over a year for their big day but finally being inducted on a classic fall day in Cooperstown of the Class, headlined by Derek Jeter was up next the former Yankee greatest sixth all time and hits with 3465, and that only begins to tell the story of his greatness. Being inducted right now is Larry Walker, who had dreams of playing in the NHL growing up in Canada before going on to a career in baseball that featured an MVP award in 1997. The same year he won the home run Crown, three batting championships and five gold gloves were also part of his illustrious career. Ted Simmons, one of the best hitting catchers of his generation, earning eight All Star selections. His years in ST Louis and Milwaukee, among other places, and the late Marvin Miller responsible for strengthening the players union and ultimately winning the right for players to become free agents. Action right now..

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