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You can you can say a believer but she might not be telling the truth dean say believe him he might not be telling the truth that might be somewhere in the middle but at fourteen years of age you should be hanging someone is 14year period end of story but i i i concur with what you say as well as well you're making on great points uh jack and check says lee course men was coach jack go ahead aw i believe he was coach time saying that from personal experience because she sounds just like the wall noonen falsely accused me some thirty years ago i had to fight into the social network i had to fight into the court system i at the pipe but the police department to prove my innocence that woman is line and she's going to get paid in using a simple measure how corp she is i've got no money by thank out bent the plate at am imran that was a red flag for me i gotta say i concur with your point when she said i have no money it's it's that was a bit of a red flag lies at relevant well she was answering the question did you get page said sentence fact is heard me so did she lose her job because she came forward is that what she's saying i don't think she's sita that that was a little odd comment if if you did lose your job because you came and gave an interview that may be some type of discrimination claim donald think she said that but she through that in there i'm basically don't have any money paul in florida very quickly paul twopoint i agree with the previous caller i was falsely accused by a white that should have been on meds she shut me two different times called 911 in florida if they'd woman says you shoved her you go automatically to jail that happened twice on a third time you go to state prison they don't ask for sobriety drugs bruises they don't delusional witnesses and there were some there you go to jail okay now as far as alabama's concern we're at a time that paul you hold it you can call back tomorrow we have three hours tomorrow we're gonna be hitting this again i'm sorry had enter up anger mangled tonight ten p m.

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