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We need perlas parents went to fort drum near watertown new york on independence day there to visit their daughter and her husband who serves in the military the brooklyn couple used their city id cards as identification but officials at fort drum asked for more ide leading to a call to customs and border protection and to the arrest of the silvas who are undocumented immigrants living here in brooklyn perla is begging for the release of her parents saying that every day they're in custody is a day too long in bushwick mike shmelts wcbs newsradio eight eighty a suffolk county police officer is being called a hero for saving lives after risking his own life to arrest a drunken man behind the wheel of a crane on the long island expressway sophia hall with that story officer joseph goss's being called a hero here at the suffolk county police department amazingly when authorities said a drunk man behind the wheel of a crane and keep in mind the cranes wheels are the size of a compact car the officer managed to arrest the driver does really concerned that if this guy continued on eastbound he would've killed somebody officer goss said the driver of the crane brian sinclair hit four vehicles and kept on going on the long island expressway from exit sixty to sixty three nine miles before he finally pulled over and slowed down then the officer was able to jump into the passenger side and he got out his weapon and the only thing he said to me the entire time what's up at no point he ever say another word to me even though one of the vehicles was left smash from front to back none of the drivers were seriously injured and if officer goss's name sounds familiar it's because he jumped into another moving car back in two thousand sixteen to stop a drunk mother who was driving with her toddler sophia hall wcbs newsradio eight eighty us customs and border protection is charging the mayor de blasio and insecurity team violated both mexican and us immigration laws by crossing the border on foot during a visit near el paso texas last month rich lamb with that story on june twentyfirst the mayor arrived at a holding facility for immigrant children but was told he could not enter you cross the border into mexico and crossed back into the us to get a look at the facility according to a letter sent to police commissioner james o'neill by the chief agent for the el paso sector a uniformed border patrol agents spotted a group on the rio grande river flood plain south of the torch neo texas port of entry that agent asked whether their presence was authorized and according to the agent an nypd inspector said no the agent then asked them to stay put while he summoned a supervisor but according to the letter the group disregarded the agent and drove back to mexico the mayor spokesman eric phillips flatly denies the allegations as he put it the mayor crossed the border with the direct approval and with the supervision of the border patrol supervisor at this port of entry adding any suggestion otherwise is a flat out lie and an attempt by someone to attack the mayor because of his advocacy for families being ripped apart at the border by the trump administration at city hall rich lamb wcbs newsradio eight eighty nine eleven hero is retiring that story in three minutes well international soccer tournaments might try nothing rallies the world together like chicken so we're doing our part to bring nations together with five traditional wings for just five.

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