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So I think Hartman's ability to navigate the pocket, get the shots off, is a big reason why this offense is so prolific, but you're not going to run this in the NFL. So how that projects forward, I have zero idea. I love that I asked someone about wake forest once. This was a couple of years ago before they right when they first started running this version of the offense and the guy said it was another college football coach and he said, you have to pay attention to what they're doing down there because this guy is either going to lose his job immediately or every team in the country is going to try to be copying what he's doing. Teams are starting to Stanford, David Charles Stanford came over, adopted this. It's really like you can not minor in this stuff. Yeah. Like you have got to major in what they do at wake forest. You either do it or you don't. He's cool though, he's got dare I say. Like a very and we got in trouble and I think we kind of over elevated someone's stock by doing this a couple of years ago, but there's like a very like on the place where he has to kind of scan and move laterally. There's like a little Aaron Rodgers in him. Like he's got a quick trigger. He moves, he moves well. I don't know. Something I like about Sam Hartman. It's curious, but the size thing is going to be concerned too. For sure. It's the size thing is going to be concerned. But he's good, man. He's a good player, and it's one of those things where it's like, I'm not saying you take this kid in the top 5, but like it's one of those things where I can see, you can all see very quickly how NFL offense NFL teams will fall in love with somebody like this if they're comfortable projecting that forward. Let's talk Tyler Van Dyke at Miami here. And I guess the first part of that question is what is going on at Miami in that they're losing games to middle Tennessee. And Van Dyke, a lot of hype coming into the year ends up getting benched during that game. I guess he is going to start again on Saturday. But what are we looking at? Red shirt sophomore, I mean, we could be talking about 2024 draft the way the season is going for him. Yeah, I think that Van Dyck has my thing with Van Dyke as I think his mind rights checks that his arms can't cash. I don't think his arm is really that great. I think some of his decision making is lacking. Obviously, like you said, he got benched against middle Tennessee two weeks ago. They play North Carolina on Saturday and it is a team that if you can't score on North Carolina, you're offense is a really, really rough. I mean, this North Carolina defense is about as bad as you will see. So the Detroit Lions of the ACC. Basically. They even wear similar colors, so it works. So I will be interested in Tyler Van Dyke over the back half of the season.

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