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Morning news. The valleys only all news morning show. Good morning 6 54 79 degrees in Phoenix. I'm Jamie West. With communities in southwest Louisiana, still reeling from the damage done by Hurricane Laura. A new storm is looming. People of coastal Mississippi have seen what Laura did to Lake Charles, Louisiana late last month and knowing that Sally is likely to grow into a hurricane. As it moves north we're concerned with is very concerned about how high the war is gonna be there saying what 7 11 seats Great. Jacobs of Waveland, Mississippi, is gathering sandbags to fortify his home against Sally's potential landfall Later this week. Jim really in ABC News Corona virus in Arizona, first for Arizona professional sports during the pandemic, Fleming's on his left foot forward and scores the Phoenix rising had about 1000 fans in the stands at Friday's game, general manager Bobby Julie says if Kobe 19 protections fail or cases, Spike The rising will close games to fans again. We don't want to go backwards, but some of that is beyond our control. We'll let the numbers of trends dedicate themselves. We don't want to get too far ahead of ourselves. This is a decision we'll make in a game. My game basis duly welcomes inspections of the precautions. The team is taking a casino Arizona field, 6 55 and the Westside appears to be catching its second wave of slowing here's detoured and from the Valley Chevy Dealers Traffic center. Yeah, the 101 2nd time around for it. Now. This morning White delays Seventh Avenue in through 16 Street. It's adding a few minutes to the ride..

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