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A field performance. So you know the Shawn Watson is our national spokesperson now. If you're not a football lover he's the Houston Texas order back and he loves his company. Echinacea RITA nationwide because of that gentleman and he is just such a a a wonderful young man If he can look his interview about Zubeida. It's it everything's there but we have a whole fuel performance line fuel repair and safer athletes. That's a big concern right so we have. We are certified that offer products is safe. And that's why the Sean can represents. Oh that is huge and the best part and I know 'cause this has always happened to me all of a sudden I'm Oh my gosh I'm almost out and it takes a day or two or three depending on where you are to get your order and then you call them up and then it doesn't come and then you're out. This company has a way of putting it What what do you call that how you can get it every month without thinking about it? That's our preferred customer. So it's a lovely reorder. In cancelling time no obligation and change the flavor but yes you will have your zeal every day without having to think about it when you before you ran out exactly what I do. Is I have a canister at work in the Lemon lime flavor and then I have one at home with the Berry Flavor and that's what it looks like. This is the Berry and I love them. Both I do have a preference. The lemon lime. What that's what Louisiana's I know. That's Louise's favourite west. But it's nice to be able to have it. You know two different flavors you can mix it up you know. Nobody wants to be bored. It using the same flavor every day. Unless it's you know something you really got used to as a child you know like Charlie Johnson okay chocolate. I've never seen that one way of chocolate protein protein for those chocolate holic. So yeah but you know also you could get a canister in twelve bottles and you can get those twelve bottles in different flavors. So that if you're not sure what you like you can order a berry with twelve mix cup of plants and then pick your favorite from there and sheriff because why would you share you know what if you share zeal with three people now. Your zeal is free. And that's what I did with Louise. I shared it with her and she really likes the lemon lime. Yes I do my favorite for sure. What other flavors lemon lime berry and you said Mango Logan Tests May Tropic Dream we have grape kiwi watermelon. So there's something for everyone. I love it because the fresh fruit flavors just so refreshing so tell me tell me why you feel when you drink. Zeal having a good flavor good taste you can get that anywhere out of zeal. Make you feel well. It gives me stamina because I have this little dip in the afternoon and I don't like I have been known to go to sleep in this chair sitting up and not fall out. I know how that works. My husband goes power. Naps our neighbor anyway. It dips have stopped a little one. Because it's just normal in our our bodies ebb and flow. But I don't go to sleep in this chair anymore. Best big and marry him. Oh of course a burst of all the biggest thing for me especially when my friend you know got dehydrated and passed out on the concrete and hurt himself really bad okay. That is one of my third my first testimonials about it is it tastes so good. I WANNA drink it. And so I'm getting my water in Let's face it. If you just hand me. A glass of water is probably GonNa sit there all day and I might take a little sip but I can. I can down the zeal in no time. I made it tastes so good I just WANNA drink it. So that's my I I. I think the second thing is. I think Louise's right. It helps keep my energy up during the day now. I don't really have a problem with the you know sleeping or anything like that but I know that I'm I feel good inside and I know I'm doing something good for my body. I just love it. I love the taste. I love what it does for me and I love how it hydrates me on the website that the studies show that helps with editor-in-chief focus mental clarity and we have the studies behind that so you can actually see the results. We need that now. I did notice because one of the first things Dr Oz was talking about when the Virus was going along is that you need increase your vitamin C. You need to have at least two thousand. whatever's vitamin C. So I looked at emergency he was recommending emergency and I thought okay. Let me see how much vitamin season here. Because that's you know and so I looked on here on the back and it literally says one hundred percent up one. Glass is one hundred percent of your vitamin C. For the day her effect so it makes me feel good. I sound like a commercial that I'm sorry it really does and I love it and you know I do and we love our customers. Marianne so thank you so much. Oh that's what it's all about is sharing like you said if we can't share things what's the good of having them yet. Mary and I can't keep our mouths shut. We have to share. It's true I should be our middle name now. We only have a couple minutes left. You have any other tips for helping us feel in our prime no matter what our age you know. I just can't reiterate enough is don't compare yourself to others. You know. Just look inside. And what makes you feel good and do a journal. I call the gratitude journal and just write down the things you're grateful for and if some things are just like only other loosed any like she's. I wish I could change that figuring out how you can do it. There's plenty of information. There's experts out there in no hall. Marian. Call me. Get some advice on. You know. Just not feeling like I should be able to reach. I think the one thing. That's come out of the social distancing is that we are relationships have become more intense allow. You know I've always been good at building. Relationships with people live are not always thinking about picking up the phone and calling someone and just say how are you doing after doing in this this pandemic? How do you do have it with you all the time? Call Me Okay. Call me cone. You know job is good at that. If I don't call her she picks up the phone. Hey Marion how you doing? I just want to check on you. Like wow how many people do that. You need to do that. To let people know you care so I wrote down some of my list here of what? We talked about today stretching. I think that's a really good idea that doesn't really put exercise in there. It's stretching okay. Stretch bond stretch your muscles all that right get yourself going and move either walk or do some exercise if you're not a gym rat Do get on Youtube and look at some of the exercises. You can do right in your chair about that. Eating Healthier Right here on the List Journal. Deb is not the first person or the last to tell us that we need to get it out of our head onto paper and we don't need to type it. We need to write it in on a piece of paper journal. What you're feeling or your thoughts or your dreams and you know what I had last list. Drink your zeal. Great Hydrate Hydrate. The H. Two O. The sick little Straw. Put it in your water and you can shake intake it. You ask me how we survive in. How did this business basically? It's just in my business. I asked him what they need. I send them a sample a cinema videos. They understand what it does and then the essence they just sign up in the hamsters zeal. Whatever they need every single month while Lady Louis taken us out I'm going to put dubs information down below again so that you can get a hold of her. If you would like a sample or you WANNA talk to her. Please do she. She's friendly as you can tell. And she's not pushy are so her information going up onscreen right now too. And she's putting out that but also on the description below the videos on both youtube and facebook. There's a description of our little interview. Today are talk and now it has deb's information they're also so you can just go down there and click on it and then we're on our podcast platforms. It's also listed at the bottom of the podcast list. Also so you can find the information if you don't want have to go back through the video but thank you. Thank you for being with us today. Your delight Marian told me you were at. I don't talk to you on the phone but now we know each other. I feel like so absolutely with a lot of fun ladies. Thank you so much for inviting me year. Welcome you're welcome and thank you marrying for all the work you do behind the scenes. She's our technical genius. Appreciate that that that she's who brings us to you everyday most every day so we thank you for being here. We appreciate you. We love you and we'll see you again on down the road by for now. 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