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Some kind of throwback yeah but she looked good and then somebody wrote if she's still got it flaunt it you material girl. I was like okay. You go match for right. Look good for a lot of it. Looks like it's been justed talk just a little of. She's got great legs. I don't think he can fix those. Let's get a great lakes so you can go check it out if you said it gets bad though. That show was some gross stuff. I mean some of it. Was you know megan fox in that. It was at her. That was not listen. No prude by any stretch. But it's like it's what gets called like grotesque some outlook member. What was the grammys. What was that thing with With cardi b. Own the chick on stage and she was grinding on thing last night. I don't know who was involved. Was that was a lot more intense than that. This i mean it looked like something you would have seen like on cinemax on totally eleven thirty on a friday nights really not that ever saw any of those things i heard i heard about these things. Schematics only page. Yeah yeah pretty much waiting to to see something between the skin. Squiggly lines winter that one golden moment is a fourteen. Yeah i know where you are. Yeah it was. It was wild though. And then you kinda mcgregor for some reason. Guess machine gun. Kelly was talking trash about him. Conor mcgregor is out there on. The red carpet is throwing his soda machine gun. Kelly whose megan fox's boyfriend is why we brought her up to and he's just talking trash about him. I don't even understand why that's the thing. Is that like just tricked up as just to get some for it. Every i mean. I know he's a showman and everything he knows how to. I'm just going. But kanye west taylor swift. What about them. Look what happened to their careers after. Connie interrupted taylor getting best new artists because song or whatever it was but for for conor mcgregor look. He doesn't need really need more promotion. You was the highest paid athlete last year. So this is kind of like a downgrade for him. I don't even understand why he would beginning involved with machine gun. Kelly whose rapper. Maybe they're gonna fight. I guess that's what they're going to know stupid rapper. He's not a fighter. I dunno way. He's a lover not a rap. Yeah exactly wait. When is The the met is that this weekend was that this weekend. I've won all the crazy people come in. Who's this met the big gala dress from. What's her name was crazy outfits like that theme and one year the theme was like the catholic church and the people came just up as popes and things like that. I remember that yeah. I don't think the catholic church was the theme or something. I'd have mary magdalene or something. But that's what they do religion they have they have Hosting duties this way billy. I'll is one of the hosts pay. So i've ever seen that. Now so jared leto came. Just as jesus who he looks like jesus anyway. Wasn't that much of a stretch. I think it's tonight new york city so tomorrow we'll have some great pictures of wild outfits they wear that's for sure and a winter from The devil wears prada. She's another that was the one benefit to the pandemic. all this crap away. It's a pack.

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