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I guess my guess is. It's got Woodward has a pretty good idea. But I don't think that would be a game-breaker or dealbreaker because he wanted that job badly. It's it's his hometown to alma mater, and I think that trumps everything else. Okay. Okay. That. That's reasonable. You know, the non words that that I heard were in a hurry. And he's our coach till he's not you don't then encourage me. Yeah. I don't think Scott really gave away very much yesterday other than he did not offer what I would consider to be Sherman esque supportive of we'll wait. And by the way, there's no way you can because we'll wait may may skate. And I I mean that skate or he may get blown up this week. I mean, that's how that's how precarious situation is. Right. Well, I think you know, writings on the wall will wait got the new lawyer to you know, to salvage his career, I believe, and I believe LSU, well Lee. Dan. I think I think the hiring Scott Woodward might may have been the key over after all. I don't believe tell me if you do that. Joe Aleve had any thority at the end. I think he was being told what he couldn't couldn't do. And I believe that when the decision to bring we'll way back was made it was made collaboratively because he agreed to meet with them and knowing that's got Woodward was about to get executed. They probably said, okay. Let him come back. We'll we're bring in Scott Woodward. Anyway, I'm sure that's what the president was saying to whoever the booster. That's calling all the shots down there and let him deal with it. So I I don't read anymore into will Wade being back today than I did him being gone a month ago. Okay. You know, I think the arguments they were having internally might have been part of the time delay. But I don't know, you know, I don't know nothing. Well, listen, I think this this trial in New York. It was always the key. I think they were led to believe by Wade's attorney that Wade would probably not be testifying. And I think that's understandable. But you just don't know what happened today about an hour ago. New York may have opened the door to bring Shawn Miller in his witness. And if he comes in as a witness, he's Zona coach, it's possible. Wade will walk in the door as well. I don't know. I mean, I'm not in the courtroom. I'm sitting here in the studio. Right, right. Okay. Paul. I just. Okay. We will continue to watch it. Thanks for the call. Good to have you on. And Wade is an open Leica Hilo way. Thanks for the call. First time caller. All right. Thank you. Just a couple of comments about. Yeah. You gotta last week talking about the top quarterbacks in the SEC next year. And he mentioned the guy contests collusive some them fan. Of course. I next saw like you. Hugh school name. But anyway, he mentioned the guy and Tesco's and dad Jay column over Georgia. But I think he failed to mention Jacob Bailey. Saka thankfully, torched the Clemson defense. Well, you know, wait. It's interesting. You mentioned Jay Bentley. I don't know quarterback at least perceptively whose stock has fallen more than he entered last season with so much optimism, and he had a pretty average year..

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