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What they're gonNa do is season two and that's a good start well because it's weird because it's not it's not the first season you know what I mean so like if it were the first I season I'd be like yes. FLEABAG will win. phoebe Waller Bridge will win. But it's not it's over so they're not like maybe phoebe Rachel Brosnahan has won the last two years in a row. You know so it's true. Okay couple were supporting categories and other acting categories. TV remaining. Anyone really sticking out for you that you're rooting for or you think it's going to surprise us. Justice for Andrew Scott Hydros for Andrew Scott. I mean just disagreed with you about while bridge I'll say justice for Andrew got for sure who needed for an emmy? We should note and but dig it dominated here and I would love to see either merit weaver or Caitlyn Dave from unbelievable Win because once again an unbelievable it's incredible. I think a lot of people really slept on or Toni. Collette like any of those three women who were nominated for that show Really really good. If you haven't checked it out. What a fun watching insist that could be for you over the holidays but I think that could it could? It really could be like that this netflix project. That like people don't see coming at the Globes it could be. It could be unbelievable this year. Believe it or not okay. That does it for this week's episode. I will be back to record after the Golden Globes next week so Everyone get ready to see how these predictions sounds panned out for us In the meantime find Vanity Fair Dot Com and on twitter at little Goldman and on our own. I am at Katie rich and Mike Mike Underscore Hogan and Richard Riles and Joanna Gerald. This and Anthony President can. This episode was edited and produced by Brett Fuchs..

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