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Welcome back into the rack here at Piscataway, New Jersey, where Indiana falls sixty six to fifty eight to the scarlet knights here after a Hoosier ballclub. It looked like they were off to such a great start in the first half. Went stone cold at the end of the first half of the final four minutes and allowed all were allowed only one field goal to start the second half. And after Rutgers basically jumped out to a ten point lead at that juncture, Indiana went almost they actually went twelve minutes without but one field goal. One three point field goal for mobile Lankford was the only points. They scored met twelve minute period that was the Waterloo. Yeah. That was it Indiana to that ten point lead in the first half just under that last TV timeout, three minutes and fifty eight seconds. Al Durham hits a shot. Goes up by ten you start to feel really good shooting the ball, well, playing great defense turning Rutgers over and then that scoring drought happened in Indiana didn't score another point the rest of the half almost four four minutes and the momentum completely changed. Rutgers was able to fight back into the game Indiana held onto that one point lead. And you hope that they came out play really well in the second half may be extended again, but they went on a no scoring drought. That was just too much to overcome Rutgers at that point went up by fourteen in Indiana was just fighting from hind from that point moving forward. Indiana started out shooting the ball really well on all fronts tonight. Unfortunately that did not maintain itself. And when you looked at what happened to this team, the droughts that took place, and and those those were major factors and then on top of that Indiana didn't get stops at the other end. Yeah, it was a little bit of both. You know, you go on a scoring drought. Will maybe your defense can keep you in it. I think in the first half defense did okay. For Indiana in that second half really started getting the momentum change this crowd started getting into the game. They went on that big run to take the lead. Now, I also think you need to struggle a little bit tonight scoring around the rim. It was a physical game inside. And a lot of the miss shots right around the rim that you know, normally Indiana makes when they get you know, looks within the five feet range at Rutgers did a nice job contesting shots without fouling. And the who's really struggled scoring over the length and size that the front court of of Rutgers had and we talked about that in the game. How physical it was going to be inside. And you know, another thing not to make an excuse you Indiana had foul trouble in that first half. And when you're playing really really well, but some guys get you know in some foul trouble. He got to play with some different lineups. And I'm thinking offensively with nearly a sharp with some of those other lineups. In know, this team has been really.

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