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And. Then you watch the video of the tour of effort w headquarters or the Brian Vinnie show, and then watch the tour vet for w headquarters like who are. These dudes called Brian Vinnie the video guy is is skinny and long hair and all the everyone swooning over him in the short. Early. Two. Thousands I. I tried to put on a bunch of weight and we once had raven. On. Wrestling Observer live. And he explained how he also tried to put on weight and he put on much weight that he ended up. Fat It is line was I overshot my target. Well, I overshot my target. Okay. I ended up one hundred, ninety, five pounds a so fat I couldn't do anything. So and then I ended up losing weight afterwards but the point was. The tour of. Headquarters hundred. Ninety five pounds. Five pounds. One Five, right. The point of all of this is. One day I was doing a match. Is having. Vice actually the first time it happened Buddy Wayne and Ritchie magnets. We're GONNA give me Richie was sitting in the middle rope and buddy was gonNA lift me up and Richie was gonNA power bomb the off the middle rope in in the middle of the ring. I did not want to take that move. It was my choice. I separated my shoulder. Okay. The second time I separate separated my shoulder. Okay. I've separated my right shoulder. I. Separated my left Shoulder. Okay. So it was around the time. That, I could bench to eighty. Five. I've that I separated my shoulder. I went into the gym. I couldn't bench the bar which the bar ways the bar weighs forty five pounds. I couldn't even bench the bar three. And If I would have had whatever the lowest one was I probably could be would be would have been fine but I got the one where I couldn't bench the bar afterwards. So the moral of the whole story is besides how strong I used to be. Get an MRI tomorrow..

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