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One shot to in the offering of those she loved so here it was she created a play that would be known as the drag and it would focus on the cost of living a secret life it's hero was closeted gay socialite raleigh kingsbury who comes from one of the finest families and he's trapped in a loveless marriage rollings father is a homophobic judge and his father in law is a therapist who specializes in gay conversion and to be faithful to the content of the play may want the actress to also be gay problem was the actors union what time they didn't permit gay men from having any speaking parts yeah you heard me correctly the union at the time would not permit any gay man to speak apart in theater play so instead of going through the regular channels may post an open casting call in a gay bar in greenwich village and she held additions in connecticut and new jersey this way the new york base union would have no with authority her connect in the community while it drew a strong cast to work with and in little time the troupe was hammering down their performance from what may was seeing trial runs this show would be occurring much sooner than expected this play was shaping up to be better than her debut creation and while a stage in new york was the goal it would have to find its feet on the floor boards of connecticut may would work on a theater owners in the meantime but just as opening night was approaching word was circulating that law enforcement was stirring within several theatres who were showing works that bent more towards risque one of which was sex but like the cliche says the show must go on and in late january nineteen twenty seven a solo crowd in connecticut was witness to a full on production that starred gay men speaking lines and the dangers such a life presented in the repressive and unacceptable society of the day the show shocked the crowd just as may intended but it also spoke.

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