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Sprint t. mobile. So all their location data to third party companies that can then sell it to the government and there's a veil of protection there in, you know, instead of being able to search phone number, there's an anonymous user ID or something, but this kind of short circuits, that system of checks and balances. If companies that generate all this data Consol it to someone else, and then it can just be purchased by the government. It's considered publicly available information. It's considered something that you've put into the public domain. And most people probably sat down and had a conversation would realize, yeah. Oh, okay. All my photos on Facebook, I made the conscious decision to put those up. So maybe those have less legal protections, but I don't think most people are really thinking through the causing effect of having a cellular phone. That's creating a permanent, tangible record of where you are twenty four hours a day, and and the real, this unstated realization that that information is available essentially to whoever can pay for it. Another consequence that we have in mentioned yet and that I connect with current happenings in the world. We have the sprint Cavanaugh hearing happening where they're basically trying to piece together this guy's life through a fucking desk calendar. Now, you know, this is going to change in the future when someone runs for political office when someone is. Pointed to judge position that we need to look through his meta dead. They're going to, they're going to be able to say, like on July twenty first twenty fifteen. You checked into this person's house with this party where something illegal occurred, or they'll be able to say that, you know you like this organization that's tied to something the ferries or you know, I, I literally think in the debates you know years from now they're going to be like Jack Murphy on on June twenty. Seventh, you tweeted out, fuck my life like, yeah. Right, right. Well, that's what that's what Justin was saying about. Is there like a guilt by association thing? Because it's like if you have a copy of mine, combine your bookshelf maybe that's because you are a World War, Two enthusiasts or historian and young. You really believe on reading all the texts that impacted the conflict. So naturally, you would read Hitler's book Mein comp, but that doesn't mean you're not see just because you have that on your shelf. Yeah. Right. But now is that the new version of that going to be a well, you liked this page on Facebook and I'll tell you I'm an investigative journalist, so I'm on all kinds of weird websites and I investigate extremists and all sorts of unpleasant people. Could you easily just making a surface analysis of my meta data? You might clued that, you know, I'm just a horrible human being. You know, you might be what your pile called the anti anti anti-american off. Yes, government government yet. Yeah. And give me five minutes with anyone searches three and and there was something incriminating in there. Something that could be spun to to paint you into a bad light. And that's absolutely the same thing with Facebook. And in many cases, people don't even realize they're liking something. Do you guys remember Ashley Madison dot com Bill around or not? I think it is actually because I saw something about it the other day, but I actually know somebody who met a woman like probably the only woman that was actually on that website. This really mean a friend. I'm not saying like asking for a friend literally, I know somebody if you're listening, Benny, my wife is listening. Yeah, actually hooked up with somebody on that website. But. Yeah, anyway, I'm sorry, go ahead. No, that that's interesting. That is the I I bring this up in every single class. That's the first story I've ever heard of anyone meeting an actual female human actually medicine dot com. But actually Madison decided to do people favor and figured that you know what people don't wanna have to click the like button. So you know what, if they're logged into Facebook or if they have that Facebook log in credential on their cookie on their computer, when they come to Ashley Madison dot com, we assume that they like the site. So we're just going to go ahead and click like button for them..

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