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Some forty, five seconds back of race winner Mason foster. The one forty one forty Moto team event. Well, that was a huge entry list and none other than British superbike star Bradley Ray in that one on one to five Suzuki somehow this massive failed snake through their first lap relatively unscathed. It was a fantastic battle at the front max cook and Charlie Nesbitt were head to head for the majority of it really is what we came to see foot just as we thought we was in the for a belter the bene- traffic just got in the way of the leaders. Max coke was ported at the first corner. Charleena's was able to get past the traffic with relative ease that point. We saw well, this, it's all over max cook as not got a chance. He's lost his office unity now, but Charlie Nesbitt at a massive engine seizure with just three corners to go. Now allow. Max cook to somehow take a win in that class, an unbelievable achievement for max cook. So yesterday's action all summed up relatively well in the senior many Motors just quickly will Howarth one for Mitch Williams. Ryan gone gone. Losing the Trump should lead to Gitanes Williams, but it was very close indeed. Well, yesterday's action. But now we had onto the first of Sunday's races with case yo Gorman and Bailey show at Campbell starting from the front, very with grades and the junior LC forty elite just Bannister Ryan Hitchcock on VO to Mason foster Emmanuel prince Sullivan Mounsey, Evan Belford, James, Kirk, and Johnny Gonesse this ten with Troy, Jeffrey Lucar cans. Joe Fabrica Platon Edmonds. Jamie woodcock, and holy HAMAs rounding out the sixteen strong grades. But as down about getting on the way full, their way starts and beautiful. Conditions in Wilton mail a letter with a wins, but not a cloud in the sky as the ride is raring to go for the first race of Sunday. The junior LC for elites the marshals out. Moving from the sites of the grid, the race starts is just about to happen. They look up to woodstove headlights for the first time on Sunday. We wait for them to turn on Nevada. It's on now the RAB survive. We are no way in a good start. The case akeso Cormon launches into the lead going into turns one and two for the first time out of aids butts for second place also seems to be the vied is coming off his said, and fourth and fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth what is really big bottle going into turn three. There's a minor rights around the outside on the left hand side of the circuit, trying to capture a couple of positions and everyone's just trying to console it. They exactly where they stand in this opening half up into turn sakes for the first time a right time. It happened. It's quite. Site Bekasi Gorman has really launched off the great start. Everyone else seemingly fighting for second place. The moment three turns eight case Gorman leader, then he's good gap back to near his championship rival fairly Stuart Campbell, their these should case Goeman win. This needs to be no lower than fourth place. If he's fifth, it will be seventy five points gap Garin into the next rice. And that would give case over a massive chance to rep this right the this championship. It can't be one in this race alone, case going, do some massive damage ready in the championship race indeed. And he's the damage at the moment into the opposition is leading second place. I believe that's Ron Hitchcock, sir place as Bailey. Campbell manual Brinson enforced place. They are very close together. Second fact to about a place ninth place and Sullivan Mounsey Johnny garnish on the back of the group too. So. Lots of big names all the way down the failed. But case Gorman is streaking of the front, like he's done all season. He's done all season. Paleozoic Campbell acting as a coke and Baltimore at the moment into turns nine and ten left, and then vita relatively Tisha Cain..

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