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Ourselves maybe at times maybe a good old torture of the creative process. It's like yeah this a good. Nope nope shit. So with with your catalog y being so steeped in in kind of atmospheric instrumentals of various flavors you feel like it was a natural extension for the band to go on to score work. Yeah and it's something we'd wanted to do right from the very start but actually to someone can take a chance on as it was actually the documentary about the footballers on film sedan twenty first century portrait which was made by two directors. One one of which was someone when you And that was really opened the door and random at the same time we were involved with the phone and with clinton so those two projects could open the door for us because people are always very wary about giving people a show. Yeah guess films costs a lot. Money cautious people involved so it was after they end but everyone been going for we over ten years before they even happened so it definitely took awhile is something we're definitely join more now I guess who you know. Who would you like to collaborate with in the future. And i guess maybe just taking it. You know excluding trenton etiquette. Because i think we all know you'd like to do that. Is there anybody that you would love to collaborate with other than those two guys are tons. I mean there's this great sanger to like do something with like Pg harvey or egg paul or or something like that That'd be awesome. And i mean there's a million film directors only thing was kind of only really scratched the surface and it can be tracking a lot. People have people the always work with. You know the does definitely if you want to name. Any names Yeah there's a tiny of great military. We'd like to our friends to you. What is what does the songwriting process. Like with. Mcguire like where. Where did the ideas usually start. Well it depends. There's music me. I play guitar by mostly plays keys but plays guitar to dominic who plays baseball. I think he writes mostly guitar. So we'll just like just try ideas and our house just like a couple of cars may just melody. sometimes it's even just assigning sometimes Like a can of inspire you to being something that matches the stones but with me. It's mostly just like a court sequencer or or a basic melody. then it's just building up from there.

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