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I'm on my way doing that. Going forward Kidding aside i do want to thank our guest tonight. Danny miller you could follow on twitter at danny miller. One ron meyer whom you could follow on twitter at two packer They are the leaders in the f. Fcc main event for five hundred thousand dollars as we head into week six gentlemen. You're already author good start with your buccaneers last night. ron i do want to I am. I am unavailable for the soup. Walk in downtown appleton. Tomorrow my wife is going on town am on duty all day. So i cannot make the soup walk you're going to have to pound all that Chowder and chicken noodle without me. I'll bring race over to watch your kids. It'll turn out. Okay okay well. Then i'm in all right. Thank you so much. Good luck in week six. They certainly appreciate you. Hopping aboard tonight follows the talk of the folio. Good talking to you exact. Just banks guys. Danny miller away and of course. Is that a revolt ron meyer. At danny miller. One at two packers learn anything. I think we learned a few things there. We learned that We learned that they shot it significant smokescreen at us. I don't first of all believe they're not co-conspirators and all moves with the pain lineup. And danny danny is the salt of the earth. But i don't believe he can risk Not getting on the or or Resist rather not getting on the phone. With ron meyer and talk a little football and move forward. I take him at his word for what he's done so far but i think that plan management will be seated to a little bit of a little bit of brotherly working together towards this championship moving forward. That's the phone call. I wanna get though on sunday. Night when i'm with the danny study isn't tech scores too late sunday night or monday or tuesday. Whatever you get a phone call from your co-manager knowing that you're already in second place in the f. fcc main event and he calls up says hey we're at two hundred. Plus we still got mark andrews in the bills defense yet. I mean that is. That is a great ball. They were up. I think they were up and you step anyway and tonio Was i last. Couple of weeks. He slipped a second. I think they had coming in two weeks. They have a fifty point lead. Thanks to that. Two hundred and seventy one or two hundred seventy two with a two hundred seventy five. Whatever they put off this past week so they are looking really good. As far as the regular season points title goes at a minimum. Could be even bigger things. I speaking bigger things. Let's go ahead and answer as many emails as we can hear. Fair on neil in albuquerque right steer bulky and feral with barclay..

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