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Get for your money as we get closer to april oh fifteenth here's a look at what you get your money in taxes we pay for year round everybody knows state local income taxes buried depending on where you live but there are seven states that don't have an income tax at all but before you pack your bags know this those states usually make up for the lack of income tax by charging higher sales tax utility taxes for property taxes access to transportation is a form of attacks bus and train fares tolls for roads airline tickets all are away for the government to get your money and that senior citizen discount so many older americans enjoy well that loss is passed on to the rest of us by paying more syntax is another way we all pay there's extra fees being charged for cigarettes alcohol gambling and other vices and that includes states that have legalized marijuana they're inhaling a windfall in tax revenue due to the high syntax on cannabis so if it's any consolation tax day on april fifteenth is really just another day that's what you get for your money i'm jareth dennis fox news your morning expresso starts right here sean hannity morning the attorney general jeff sessions is now publicly urging special prosecutor robert muller to wrap up his russia gate investigation saying it's become a distraction far more important matters needs to be addressed anyway he also said he expects the justice department inspector general to finish his investigation into the fbi is handling of hillary clinton's email investigation and saying that that will provide more information for decisions on whether or not there was wrongdoing the attorney general was pressed by a lawmaker who said he saw a double standard and comparing the ongoing special counsel probe in the trump i understand the root of this he says constituents are frustrated and angry by the way i'm one of them and they see a double standard.

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