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Get all these bands walking out of the dome with their heads down. And then they'll know it's over. That's what we're waiting on. No more excuses, I guess they'll turn their excuses to save in and then here comes a revolving door of the coaches, you know, kip and start dabo, Jimbo, whoever they gonna get a shot. But we just can't wait. For December next year. I'll hang up and listen, thanks, Paul. Thank you very much. I hear you Phil. Good to hear from you. John is up next. In Tennessee. Hey, John. Hey, Paul. Thanks for taking my call. Thank you. Good afternoon. Hey, Paula. Now I'm Alabama fan, but I live here in Tennessee. About 30 miles from Thompson bowling. And we had a great time at constable and arena. I was just happy to see a top ten game for the first time in my entire life between the two teams. And but there was something that bothered me while I was at the game, the fans started chanting FU Bama, just over and over and over again. And they finally, they came on and addressed it and said, you know, no profanity was allowed. And it just kept going on. And, you know, I turned to a guy that was behind me, he was from Tuscaloosa and I said, hey, do we do this to our fans and colon coliseum? And he goes, sadly enough, yes. And I thought, well, what about all the people that are there that have all their children with them? Is that something

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