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Skill one of the package that you can put on the field take Aaron Rodgers off. That would be better than having Aaron Rodgers up on a center. Taking the shotgun snap as opposed to look so you. Try to tell me their the pack. There's you can put together. That Jordan would be better in throwing the football than Air Raja's because get we know y'all rotate them. He'll Joe FLACCO wasn't a runner. That Lamar Jackson worked. Okay we get that but Jordan love is a drop back quarterback you create Green Bay. You created this. Hopefully you know what you're doing but air ride kept and he's a guy like Tom Brady. Did a great job with suppressing this. You knew he was leaving at the he caught win and he played ghetto guidebook. That's that's a-rod is not like that. Aaron Rodgers will tell you. He's frustrated air rudder will tell you he's disappointed and this is giant glass. Let's jump into some of that Johnnie Walker. Mccallum will come in a press conference. He GonNa tell them what's on his mind skill. He is Shannon and I think it was Saturday. I was watching. Nfl Network data documentary on the nineteen. Seventy-one Dallas Cowboys. Obviously coached by Tom. Landry a season during which landry actually tried to alternate his quarterbacks every other play between as you remember Craig Morton Roger Staubach. They're actually going out every other play where he's calling. The play to the quarterback on the sideline then he trots in and runs it. It was a disaster not until he finally went full. Time with Roger Staubach did they take off and finally beat the dolphins and win the Super Bowl and history started happening after that. But it's the one position in sports. You can't split it. You can't feel strongly both ways you just. Can't you have to go all in for one guy or replace them go with the other guy? It's the only way that position will work skill if that you say that because Nineteen ninety-two Dan Reeves with all of the cowboy. I don't know if he was still in the coaches but he did the exact same thing. We're Tommy Maddox shot more John for the next eight games. They were all today ally out of glad it would say to me. Because I get the place they sent me and I was so pumped up. They get to the whole wants to play. I forgot road then. Was.

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