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A school district in Marin is wrestling with whether to get rid of its Dixie name a code term for the south. And especially the confederacy you use education editor. Julia McEvoy reports in eighteen sixty four a Marin landowner named James Miller built a schoolhouse with the help of southern sympathizers. Miller's granddaughter said the area was heavily pro northern drinks of a wartime and Miller named the schoolhouse Dixie quote on a dare it's the third time. Some Marin residents have tried to get the name changed Dixie school board trustee Marnie Glickman. Says her community has been dodging this issue for decades. My community is ninety two percent white. It's difficult for them to admit the fact that Dixie is a word that hurts some African American people. It's difficult for them to make amends and make the simple gesture the Dixie school board is discussing putting a non binding advisory measure on the twenty twenty ballot. I'm Julia McEvoy. Katie news, California, Public utilities commission is finding Bart one point three million dollars. And putting the transit agency on probation for what it calls egregious safety violations. The led to the deaths of two workers who were struck by a train in twenty thirteen during the transit strike, the CPU sees investigation found that a trainee supervisor had violated multiple safety rules, including using a cell phone on the job and failing to sound the train's horn. When it hit the workers on section of track between the walnut creek. And pleasant hill stations Bevan doffed member of BART's board of directors said the transit agency is taking steps to ensure safer working conditions. The loss of life. The loss of these two men in this terrible accident is a difficult part of arts history..

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