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This is patrick. Prince editor gold mine and this episode. We'll talk to. Michael kurtz the co founder of record store day. Michael talk about record store day black friday and as you know record store day also had three record drops. Instead of the annual fair in april due to the pandemic those record drops were august. September and october and will ask michael. How well those days went and also we'll talk about a new well actually came out in two thousand nineteen. It's our as the three mini turntable. That claes three inch records. And it's doing fairly well with collectors. The three inch records will be available on black. Friday will be johnny cash. I would assume that would be really popular with record collectors. But we'll find out more after this message when we talk to. Michael kurtz of record store day. he i'm ronald web. And this is patrick. Prints and together we host the gold mine radio our the show that features the latest issue of gold mine music collectors magazine. Tune-in sunday at seven pm eastern time on cygnus radio dot com. Hey michael podcast episode. And i'll making us quick and painless was possible worries. How did the or ssd drops go. August september october. How do they do this year. All things considering fantastic we build one to our knowledge got sick or at any Medical issues come out of participating record store day and you know we set it up so somebody could neither do draw or inland online online business. After one o'clock eastern time Says somebody's they needed to be shut down entirely. They could still participate so we did everything we could to make it safe and it worked in. We actually exceeded compared to three drops sales to register day. Last year we exceeded a record store dated by a large percentage and With plus titles neo ended up being very successful. Well if i give you my personal feedback. I loved it. I mean every month having a record store day dan. i don't know if ever be repeated but having an ever every month really went beyond my expectations. I was Able to buy. I bought more than i would on the annual j. in Got me excited every month. So in a weird way it really worked in we. We were confident with but it ended up working for those reasons. It's very likely that will continue it because it's extremely stressful on the stores To to go through that You know three times in a row. It's just it's just too much So they've been very clear about that too can't do that. I mean the glad it all worked out it was the right thing to do during an a pandemic but we want to hard well when we talked to record stores. Obviously you talked to them all all the time more than we do. But we out that some stores have done better than expected during the pandemic especially if they already had mail order websites. You know It seems like the stores that didn't seem to do well where the is just getting off the ground or without a separate way of commerce Like like a website Did you find that same sort of thing. You know in a crisis in this it led to a lot of stores expanding the business by working on line on the different platforms egos in a really good partner believe it or not in insurance urge discouraged minimize. Scalping practice today really but also in doing promotions just the worst helping out the word out. Positional guys also could partner Then towards the doing like shop on facebook page there's been a lot of innovation so able them to to sell more You know a fortunately a lot of it is used product because the majors majors not making records lay a and So that's problematic but so far so good. This year was a very strong year for most scored. I think that those three drops came at the right time. They really helped record stores. More than you'll find out the figures soon but i really think they helped a lot of record stores at the right time. Yeah link to the word. Wrap up. That was and just recently and it was record-breaking again over two million records sold over the three drops who were talking. You know somewhere around Averaging out the price per record in somewhere around thirty million dollars in sales which is near for record choice is very good. You know it was really positive caught. I'll send you. That makes him okay. Great well as we were talking about how record stores had to adjust this year. Some well was a bit of serendipity. I'll give a call out to cheap thrills in west. Virginia they have to stores and one has had a drive window which really helped them in these times. A covid I know a lot of people doing curbside. But just like you would a fast food place. People would placed order and drive up and get a lot of stories. I've heard about companies in innovative. Got an end. it ended up having fun with it. This and i think we will look back on this one day. You know like. I remember win. Seem like something that no one ever think about doing right. Nowadays and all the stores seem to be using the right protocol masks. Hand sanitizer Limited limiting the number of people in the stores at one time Do you find that to be mostly the case because you know the only issues we had was early on it kind of pain. There were some people who think their politics to the right spectrum or offenders that stores were asking him to do that of course now given the the situation worrying that was you got the right thing to do it was for. The intake is good for their employees and the stories. They deserve to the way that they can stay healthy. Everybody's done it across the board right. What the uptick of covert cases now. what are your expectations for this from black friday always earned every team that i'd like to be know have reasons to cheerful.

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