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Of a season. The World Cup break in November, never happened before. It's a breaking narrative, a breaking form, a breaking moment, breaking everything. And we don't know how it will impact focus, just collective into play, the injuries that will result, but it could also offer arsenal who have a relatively thin squad, a much needed break to regather and re energize, but the only thing we know for sure is that it's bloody amazing to be an Arsenal fan right now. And whatever happens, isn't that incredible? There are still fans, a feeling happy that the club experiencing joy. Feels unified that locker room is having a laugh. Gabrielle going on social media punking Uber with his nothing personal tweet postgame, just everything arsenal is coming up roses. It's magnificent, reminds me of the Chicago Bears in 1985 perpetual self sabotages who suddenly turned to glorious just a collective fist winners proof that everyone can change. You can be what you want to be and that's what Arteta's achieved 150 games in charge is one 89 of them moves by any manager in the history of that club. And that's his most incredible achievement to me. Less the victories, which is unbelievable, but it's the true cultural change these engender. That's inspirational. I don't think a weekend can get any better than this one for Arsenal fans win against Chelsea. Old flea munai emery's back to be united. And spurs lose. Just save her every second Arsenal fans. Meanwhile, Manchester City two, Fulham one a game that started in the most predictable fashion city just devouring possession and setting up camp right outside the cottage's door. The breakthrough came on 16 minutes and what a breakthrough it was. Alvarez latching onto a gundo ball and simply lashing it past burnt lane over ten minutes later, the game turned upside down when zhao cancello was sent off for a shoulder barge on all quiets on the western front extra Harry Wilson inside the box, Andres. Pereira magnificent film is a penalty to tie things at one one and after holding on valiantly all afternoon in the 95th minute after Anthony Robinson made some light contact on KDB substitute erling harland converted a somewhat tepid penalty by his standards, but it rescues three points for city who played most of the game with ten men. A mystery at the game going into this one was the two big holes where the two big strikers should be Holland on the bench for city and mitrovic that giant who's 9 goals Trello need the Nordic meat shield and Harold Kane out with an ankle knock. But it didn't seem to matter for city as Julian Alvarez took Harlem's place and for the off it played out as exactly would expect. I wrote my newsletter on Friday that city are almost like footballing white walkers sweeping through cities and kingdoms, riding their dead horses, hunting with a packs of pale spiders big as hounds and so it came to pass 90 minutes. If Harlan doesn't get you, Alvarez, then you aguero will take under one, picked up the Paula midfield split the channel down Fulham left and Alvarez just defect. Absolutely bladder this one. He hit it somewhat hard. That was a goal of some confidence and sometimes that's all you've got to do in the Premier League. You've just got to kick it hard. Leather it. Just leather. I mean, do this two footed and letting him take into his right and what flummox lino was floundering, but then Premier League script writers through in a murder at the building style twist 26 minute Fulham went routine route one. The ball broke to Harry Wilson in the box and cancelo gave him the Iberian cold shoulder, penalty, almost more significantly a red card for cancello a player whom we celebrate through his offensive prowess on the regs. A defender who delights in unleashing tech is and when the girls visit the second time this season he's been caught out, proof of what switching off even for the briefest of seconds will do to you in this league, and Andreas Pereira, that natural bottle blond. Once a man united fame sent Edison, the wrong way, and keep the match director, gleefully cutting back and forth between a stewing gurling Harlan and Pep Guardiola on the bench looking manic in his outfit day though. That designer D squared denim, looking like, really, he found Lewis the perfect outfit to run out to the bodega for a bacon egg and cheese run. When hungover the morning after Dave, we're going to go deep. What did you make of pep shreds this weekend? Yeah, as I've said before, I think I've lost the rights to comment on his threads because I failed to adequately identify the brand as D squared who are sponsor. This still strikes me as a man who is so good-looking and so suave and sophisticated. Who doesn't need to work this hard on what he's wearing going through a bit of a midlife crisis, just put on the Luca filoni, put on a double breasted blazer, go full on Mancini, rodge and you'll be fine. But I don't like how street style pep is going this season. At mana frommer said, we are reaching absolute critical levels of divorce, dad. It's getting dire. And at Chris Roni zero said, peps bail bonds. What your situation? Many managers. Whatever they're wearing would have just played for the point from then on Fulham are a bloody good football team. In this campaign, and you can make the argument that if any team play for a point, it was actually the cottages. I think they only managed another two shots, even with a man up, but not manic peppy. At least both of his sons in the 63rd minute erling and pet junior Phil Foden pet the second and Harlan just stepping on the field makes a ten men team feel like it's back to full strength and his team played in a style pet related described as the right amount of angry and disappointed, Harlem quickly had a vote off warning goal. And we do have to say Dave. For a man having 17 goals coming to the game, he was played really tightly by the closest thing America has to a Viking Tim reem who did deal with Harlem well. Another performance that shows that even if St. Louis bonucci has lost the step is positioning his football now, you know where I'm going with this.

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