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Need. To make sure that every voter that wants to vote in person either early or on election day will be able to do so. Even with all these changes, there's one more thing. Election officials are trying to get out ahead of it. Is with the chairman of the State Board of Elections, told Rusty Jacob's people have grown accustomed to going to bed on election night going to bed, either knowing the results or confident that the results will be known the next day. Big change on the horizon is that there will be a greater number of absentee by mail ballots to count that will likely lead to delays in getting the results. It will not mean There's any less integrity. In the outcome of reliability in the outcome, But elections officials want people prepared toe wait a little bit longer to hear the final results. That's a new normal. We're all going to have to adjust to Rusty Jacob's political reporter for North Carolina Public Radio W. UNC. This's Kai right host of the United States of anxiety, and if I'm honest, we never actually expected to be here In literally an entire country of anxiety. We decided to postpone the wedding. This has a lot of echoes with 9 11 or help the system way aren't.

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