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Clubhouse everything about it was very familiar to me and i loved it and and i think a lot of the players get that opportunity to take a trip down memory lane just a bit now with that win. The cubs maintained eighteen days virtual tie with the cardinals at the top of the national league central that was because earlier in the day. The cardinals took care of business against the reds five to two with help from tommy edmund. Here's a swing and a high fly ball down the left field line. That's it deep to the corner to the wall and it's a goner just inside the poll aw towering homerun tommy edmund. He's three for three today and that home run gives the cardinals four to one lead john rooney on the the cardinals radio network. Jack flaherty was terrific again. Five innings one run another win is last eight starts fifty and a third innings just twenty five hits. It's and eight zero point eight nine era. I think he's gonna play an incredibly important role for the cardinals is they try to win this division. The mets blew out the royals on sunday. Eleven in a five and peter lonzo hit a big round milestone mo to pitch hammers this ball to left. That's going to be number forty way back. Then van law god pete alonzo becomes just a fourth man ever to have a forty home run season. He's the first national league rookie gita ever do it and now that mix single season franchise homerun record is just away from belonging to alonzo outright eleven to five mets here the night that from w._c._b._s. now the mets didn't gain any ground on the washington nationals at the top of the wild card race because the national beat the brewers sixteen eight brian dosier having a good day now..

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