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The sheriff's department says all five people on board were killed CBS news Steve Futterman is live at the scene in Calabasas and when the a scene of disbelief here as bystanders have come to this cordoned off area people and shocked to hear of Kobe Bryant's death officials are inside the cordoned off area the fire department the corner we have not seen the bodies taken away the investigation though has begun the impact this will have a Los Angeles well it's hard to describe Kobe Bryant was a beloved figure in LA he brought Los Angeles five NBA championships and I have a man like this diet such a young age well this is a moment that many people will always remember where they hurt were when they heard Kobe Bryant had died live outside the crash scene in Calabasas California Steve Futterman CBS news keep it here on WBZ for the latest on this developing story of course you can always follow us on the I heart radio app Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu when his rival general Benny Gantz I've been invited to the White House to discuss president trump's Mideast peace plan dances heading to Washington to meet with the president tomorrow after refusing a joint meeting with Netanyahu when the president on Tuesday before heading to Washington general Benny guns had nothing but praise for president trump the man who may unseat Benjamin Netanyahu in the March election held trump still secret Mideast peace deal saying it will go down in history as a quote meaningful landmark for reaching regional peace he also thank the president for his commitment to Israel and its security interests the guns is meeting with the president about his reportedly pro Israel conservative peace plan may alienate bounces left wing supporters and that's exactly why some analysts heres into town you know push for his rival to get a White House invite Giordana Miller ABC news Jerusalem U. K. prime minister Boris Johnson personally asking president trump to turn over and sat coolest the wife of an American diplomat was struck and killed nineteen year old Harry done last August in a head on collision while driving on the wrong side of the road this was working with authorities but three weeks later fled the country the U. K. charge the forty two year old with causing death by dangerous driving and I've sent a letter of extradition which the U. S. rejected saying it's a this had diplomatic immunity this has apologized for what she calls a tragic mistake the Attorney physical it's issued a statement saying on is devastated by this tragic accident and would do anything she could to bring Harry back ABC's Julia McFarlane Harry Dunn's family of vowed to keep fighting for extradition despite the state department's decision all right I'll mall maker proposing letting legislators get their windshields tended to shield them from unhappy constituents credit representative Anastasia Williams introduced a bill that would carve out an exception for real Ryland lawmakers and officials to travel around behind tinted glass the bill would allow members of the General Assembly stated municipal police officers firefighters and the state's judges to be exempt from the state law that says most car windows must allow seventy percent of the light in critics say it's just another example of public officials getting special treatment while everyone else has to follow the law Mike Macklin WBZ Boston news news radio lawmakers in Maryland the considering a divorce bill making the process faster with some exceptions couples divorcing in Maryland have to physically live apart for at least a year before they can get a divorce state delegate Vanessa Adderbury wants to change that the concern is for individuals who cannot afford to live separate and apart Lawrence Ruth with the women's law center of Maryland said it would make it easier for low income couples to get out of toxic relationships can become a volatile situation and we see that in our domestic violence work however it's unclear if this bill has enough support to move forward in previous years it hasn't John donvan for CBS news Annapolis Maryland well despite Boeing's crisis over the seven three seven Max its next generation wide body jets passed its first big test yesterday the test flight in Washington state lasted for hours and was a big boost for Boeing the company's Emily Sanchez calling it in a live webcast triple.

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