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We talk a lot about anti-black this on the podcast, and that it exists in so many areas, and this is another area where you do have just levels of anti blackness. Absolutely I mean when we look at WHO's being detained the most when you know who is being detained the longest. Who is the most likely to be deported? Who are you know is is the least likely to be able to get out on bail? WHO's bonds are the highest you're talking about black immigrants. We are targeted and profiled as black people, because we are black people by the criminal sanctions system, and then we are targeted racially profiled in treated differently in the detention system deportation system, also as a result of being black and I say all the time as a hundred thousand. This is according to the Prime Minister of Ireland. A hundred thousand undocumented is people in the United States. You do not hear about is going to Saint Patrick's Day parades hitting the pubs you know and looking for those undocumented Irish people that doesn't happen in yet see the ways in which is and the police target black immigrants, an immigrants of color, and we know where this comes from, and so it's really important that we talk about that and that we center that and that we don't allow folks to invisible is black people in the immigrant rights movement. Those visuals he just gave in. I'm thinking about it. I'm like yeah. You never see them at those festivals at all. They advertise what no problem people attended with no problem by when we gather, it's OK. Who Can we get? Who shouldn't be here? Absolutely. Two or more of US may not be gathered period. In some cases, that's law. Right the way that they frame below that it gives them more capacity to stop us to Frisk to arrest us to detain us. we see who is being detained the most, and who's being ticketed most when it comes to covert nineteen for example right, we see that with these protests that we were engaged in and continue to be engaged in lifting up anti blackness in this country in particular as As it relates to police that they engaged ice, right they went and got is to come out. They went, got the customs and Border Patrol to come out and they're doing that. Understanding this to be a black led movement, so who that is targeting in other people's minds. They think Oh. That's to target the Brown. Folks, but no, they don't see this as a brown movement. They understand this movement for black lives as the black. Black Movement that is to make sure that black immigrants feel afraid of coming out. Because where the started the epicenter in Minnesota. You had so many black immigrant youth from Somalia from Kenya from other parts of the black world who were right there leading the charge a in this push for our lives, and they wanNA. Make sure that we don't come out and that we don't engage. You're absolutely right and we are in this historic. Historic Movement of activism protesting and there are so many people who want to do more so for those people who are thinking okay. What are my next steps were I? CAN HEAP INVOLVED? Keep this conversation going. What advice do you have for? Those people who want to make sure that they're not letting this? Just be a moment that they're doing everything that they can. What are some ways that you think people can heighten their activism? So? We always tell people to feel free to.

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