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You know, Joe usually comes to play and as much as I think that Joe is very uneven, and I think President Trump is right when he says that Turbine is mentally shot. He does rise to the occasion on debate, and I think this is important point for all of us to realize eyes that he will show up to play. He will be in good position where he will not be in good position has been going through and watching all these clips there are a number of tells the Biden has a number of stories that he goes to their number of answers unnecessarily his story's air. They kneel kinetics. Well there, you know, maybe it's corn popper. Maybe it Maybe it is panic. All of the above mean give Trump finds corn pop and sticks him in the front row at the debate. I will plots that the last time we had Juanita Broderick. This town will have corn pops. But this is a thing where we've gone through their number of tells the bite has in the debate. We've been breaking down every every minute of footage over the past 30 years. And so I think President Trump will be ready. But I do have to make sure folks know Joe Biden is going to debate much better than you'd think. But President Trump will be ready for him. I think it's very smart to Ah Calibrate the expectations because otherwise, you know, the Democrats are going to run him down to you'll see if he does debate which I don't think he will. But if he does, you know they'll be leaked to the times about Oh, Joe by Democrats are worried. Joe Biden semester drive down expectations. And if he shows up and doesn't fall over or, you know, forget to Ah, no ends up wearing a bathrobe on stage. Which I wouldn't put out a range of possibilities. Then he then he looks OK, so I think that's a great That's a great thing to do. What the key issues that are going to drive this because right now it's Cove it in the economy, and but I think there's things like China bubbling out there. What do you think during the homestretch? We're going to be talking about. I think in particular, Joe Biden's like this left word works in the general, you know, the 110 page document that he and Bernie Sanders put out is I mean, there's enough material there to run a lifetime of campaign. But if we talk about the real radical elements, the 11 amnesty for 11 billion illegals free health care for illegals, everything from taxpayer funded gender reassignment surgery. To this reimagining policing there a lot of these things. They're just really kind of wacko and a lot in particular. Look, when we talked about on the jobs front, you know, the only job. That job I never brought back from China was one for Hunter. I think that was 1.5 billion that he helped her. Bring back on Air Force two, which, by the way, Kurt nobody knows what 100 Biden was doing when they were on the ground for two, and I would think Coke. Well, let me let me ask you, Jason Miller, because we're coming up against it. But look, I'm I'm a suburban guy. I have a suburban wife. I'm around suburban people. Security is Ah big issue, and the city's run by Democrats seem to be on fire. How is Donald Trump going to reassure people in the suburbs? The he could get a handle on this stuff, and we only about 30 seconds. Yeah, And this way to see President Trump very strongly opposed this radical plan by Biden and Cory Booker and the Democrats to destroy our suburbs, get rid of single family zoning areas and create the little downtown's and expand that big city tax bases but also making sure that we're willing to put the federal government into help to keep people safe. Joe Biden won't do it. Donald Trump will Thank you. Jason Miller, senior adviser to President Trump the Trump Whisperer here on the Hugh Hewitt radio program. I guess his courage, Schlichter, We're gonna be back to close it out with my former legal client, Ben Shapiro talking about his new book, Stick around. Thank you, Kurt. I'm not there today won't be there all week. But I am of course always check in the market remotely. And when I do I look at the 10 year bond because that's the interest rate on which all realestate transactions are based in the United States. If you're buying and.

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