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With the folks with its home cooking ended the game basically. Hey Lebron I don't know if you saw the free throw line and brave overhead toll kazman take a Jason Tatum. The Jason Tatum gotta go for eighteen in the second. Eighteen had thirty seven points to start the poor. He had a going. Lebron James Look at Casey. Psa No you'll take k that's a great you bring up. Why win the best player in the planet? Say GET OUT OF MY WAY. I got him. That's Leonard Does every game. He says I guy. He's twenty eight and I don't know about every game a game before with Marcus smart were shoving Jason Tatum. Jason Tatum was shoving Marcus smart because they current put rice eighty right. Oh and I got one last question. Why in every late-game situation down the stretch yesterday afternoon? Why did Lebron always opt to throw the ball in when Boston had to FAO? Because he doesn't want to go shoot the free throws but is that not Smart Basketball. Great Foul shooter. Casey these offerings foul shoot. Don't shoot our best. How can you be the goat? When you're reliability at the late game free throw line. I don't it helped me out. Eighteen I put the dream state move owning so I liked what he posted on because I thought it was open hearted. I thought it was a look in the mirror. I thought it was acknowledging his flaws saying I live for these moments when in fact he lives in fear of lot of these moments but he's never been great at this and he says I'm not going to always do it. I want always succeed. I'll fail right. He said he said that's insecurities. Now this is what Michael Jordan. In his commercial he Jordan says failed over and over and over again in my life. And that's why succeeded. That's a humble brag. Lebron said the same thing But we all know we all know Michael May shot after big shot after shot as opposed to this guy. He's Mischa bigshot made. He's made as many as Michael than a Lotta people. Use allows US Cornelius. You get my record. Neil use and they say like Cornelius Vanderbilt at a gauge of the namesake. Nobody's winning again J..

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