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Don't think the texans lost the straight right as one. Nfl source said to me. He's is was the texans number one corner. He's not a number one corner on most teams. He's a number two for the saints with marshon lattimore. He's there number two corner and he's a talented guy. He's pretty sticky and coverage. He's four three nine he can run. He's got a lot of good experience and he makes a fair amount of plays but there were some demerits last year yet big suspension for performance. Enhancing that's major dang. Six games suspended for this game anyway. They kind of saw they can live without him and last year they left him home argument to blow up with the secondary coach anton land they got very heated to the point that their argument over coverage schemes really just took over that practice and they had to leave him home. They don't normally do that with player that they have to have. And they you know. He's that talented but there are a couple of things his contract. They got out of that. And as nicosia cereal i think give him a lot of credit. For is transparency is process oriented not only outcome oriented and that means getting draft capital which they need so to get a third round. Pick you basically by the pick you pay the seven million and you're still getting some cap relief and they don't really need that much of it but they did that and you get a conditional sick so they are starting to build where they have a chance to restock the roster with young players on cheaper contracts and that's part of you know it is what it is. It's a rebuilt. So how do you rebuild you do things like this and i don't think it's the first move i read so i i don't think it's the last one they'll make showing you think about other guys. They have on this roster. There's other people that can be candidates for this. You can look at the cunningham's and learn johnson brandin cooks. You can have some guys but you can't have everybody and to have giant contracts on the team that went forward. Twelve just doesn't make sense so you're starting to see it by bid the overhaul more and more and now they're at thirty two new players on the roster and one day after they trade bradley roby. They've got a corner in town. They're going to work them out. We'll see how he does. Drake kirk patrick. Former bengals rounder former cardinals had three picks last year fares zona. So yeah. they're gonna kick the tires on hammond some other guys in every week. They'll be tryouts and turn on the roster. They picked up a corner. That i think is good this week off the washington football team jimmy moral right. So they're starting they really. You could see what they felt about their corner situation with their actions. Speak really loudly even tampa. We'll have players in every week that they're working out just because just in case we come back. I'm going to ask you what pisses you off the most about the houston texans. And i'm sarah. I wanna know the pitchy another person. I don't care what they're doing off the field. I want to know with this organization players. What pisses you off the most. It's in your.

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