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He was a up periodic ranger a he would require on every two three months would not touch drop of liquor before go on benches he was going to register three days he was definitely an alcoholic mucus by his own mission he could not take bus just one drank also it induced an immediate personality change she became rather cillier jovial fellow who slurred his words and stumbled about you know nor now he was his right tightly buttoned up of taciturn figure did it ever interfere with his duties no he was frankie had enough control over the problem you would never our drinking before or during a battle was almost as if he could schedule the binges in the aftermath of battle who would take a little side trip where his men could not set a celebration of celebration had you know release for relief for than so what do you think his political enemies exaggerated as drinking pro it was shirley used you know through route his career by his enemies pick me during the civil war i can't tell you how many malicious letters both signed the anonymous rewritten to a ramle can and secretary were edwin stanton i'm speaking with ron churn out whose latest book is called grant about ulysses s grant a abraham lincoln was a lawyer though with a limited military background how did he mastered the nuances of of military strategy or was in a litre simply lean on people like was basically had no real uh in a militarybacked background but he did he started immediately as soon as the word begun started borrowing manuals from elaborate connoisseurs bombing up on tactics and strategy and he became quite a good military strategist but he had he had to pick grant to lead the military somewhere down the line grant yet grub gives general chief of the last year of the war and before that lincoln had suffered through six one opening procrastinating incompetent generals and lincoln made the statement attitude 63 about glad you said vis generals given me more comfort than nephew and i not because grant was running all these battles are worst didn't grant rejoined the army after the civil war had begun yes and it's amazing strike because he was working as a.

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