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Bloomberg daybreak leg gina blue apron holdings as raised three hundred million dollars of its initial public offering shares priced at the bottom of blue apron's already reduce marketed rage thirty million shares were sold at ten dollars apiece just two days ago there had been marketed at fifteen to seventeen dollars apiece bloomberg i appeal reporter alex of if you look at the potential market value they were targetting three point two billion dollars as their market valuation now is closer to 21 so a big hit there in a space that yes is competitive but when you have the mammoth of amazon kind of looming over your shoulder ed becomes a bit more of an issue blue apron it has been overshadowed by amazon's agreement by whole foods market for thirteen point seven billion dollars that moves came just three days before the meal could company launched its ipo in asia banks traded higher and the heels of yesterday stress test results in the us and bloomberg's juliet sally has the details from our hong kong bureau the regional benchmark index gained seven tenths of one percent banking players from mitsubishi ufj in tokyo to hsbc in hong kong rallying samsung also one of the best performers in the region lifting the cost me to a fresh record high this after samsung announced its investing one point nine billion dollars in the united states ahead of south korea president main giants meeting with us president donald trump china's yuan meanwhile strengthened for a third day the offshore currency rising to its highest level since november as chinese president xi jinping kicked off a landmark visit to hong kong hong kong stocks rose two days ahead of the twentieth anniversary of the citystate's handover from britain to china juliette sally bloomberg daybreak hong kong juliette thank you very much of.

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