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The prime minister. Mr Netanyahu. He is in Israel to help me understand? This flood of good news that's coming out of the Middle East air in a very good evening. Good morning to you. You and I are not used to so much good news in a row. I begin to be suspicious. This looks like good news. That the kingdom is permitting overflights. What does this mean for Israel? What does it mean for the whole of the Gulf? Good evening to you. Good evening, actually is it's great news. This is a huge breakthrough, in fact, really a new era of peace here in the Middle East on in this case, it's good news, and I think that will be followed by more good news on more good news. The good news is that the Gulf countries Are not only warming to Israel, which they have been for quite some time, thanks to the work of the prime minister here on their coming out on DH. Now the is making Full form, abuse a normalization with the Jewish stick. So earlier today we had the announcement of Saudi Arabia, allowing quote unquote all countries, meaning Israel now Israeli commercial flights to fly. From Israel to the USA over Saudi airspace and back this after the show already made is now making peace. We made an announcement for abuse with the Jewish state. No, actually, this is this. The idea is the greatest advancement toward peace between Israel in the Arab world in the last 26 years, in fact, it actually amongst the third formal. Peace between Israel and the Arab nation. And it's the first peace between Israel and an Arab country that was not previously at war with the Jewish stick In the past, Israel made peace with Egypt. And then after that, with its neighbor Jordan, I mean the GPS is going to be a warm up use. We're already seeing it. You can see the celebratory videos coming out of Israel coming out of the Everglades throughout. In fact, the marriage with Children teenagers of bulbs Celebrating with Israeli flag singing the Israeli Ah national anthem, even some of them learning Hebrew Online. It's unbelievable, and actually, USC Is one of the world's most advanced nations. And, as you know, Israel is also one of the most advanced nations. So this is a piece anchored in actual peace and mutual interest in the economy and security and technology and energy and health care and culture, the environment, mutual interest in Corona And, of course, mutual interest in fighting regional extremism and specifically exciting the mutual enemy Iran. The puzzle about the U. A from consuming. The news here is this looks like it was a long time coming. However, the prime minister has made remarks suggesting there's more to this conversation in frothy oma throughout the Arab world, and I believe the prime minister indicated. That his travels recently might have something to do with this. I think the nation's mentioned in the reporting I read Oman. Chad and Somalia. I hope I have that list. Correct. Are we looking at lane? Lengthy conversations Are we looking at Ah collective celebration throughout the Arab world. Certainly the kingdom thou saving overflights tells all the other Arab states that it's OK Tio Tio go into the water again. This the U. S and Israeli administrations of both expressed on confidence, not just hopeful confidence. That more more peace. More normalization will follow between Israel and other Arab countries, especially in the Gulf on and other countries that the prime minister here has made great advancements in relations with includes Sudan. You mentioned Chad, also Oman, Bahrain, other nations in the Gulf. Netanyahu himself has talked about trips that he has personally taken to different areas. Something that perhaps he's been in some of these countries on Let me tell you that today's Ah, Saudi overplay and the larger you a deal. This is results of the Netanyahu doctrine aside, I like to call it And Netanyahu doctrine, which can be summarized basically has peace in exchange for peace. Instead of the tried, tested and failed paradigm of Israeli territorial concessions in exchange for promises of peace that don't ever get kept, and then it's like no doctrine is also peace from a position. Of strength now. The foundation's definitely were laid very recently by Trump's historic decision to move the U. S. Embassy to Jerusalem to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital to affirm Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights and the Trump peace plan. The Revolutionary Peace plan, which is the most realistic piece for it has ever been presented for Israeli, Palestinian and wider Israeli Arab used absolutely were On fueled the e deal, But I'll tell you, the seeds were really also planted over the last decade or even more than a decade. The Gulf Nations witnessed the prime minister tirelessly worked isolate Iran, by the way, add a times when other Western nations Let us to say did not read to isolate Iran did not work too hard Hold Iran's nuclear ambitions. The prime minister for many years was alone. The Gulf Nations watched that I think that some of the combination of that a crescendo was when the prime minister went to a joint session of Congress in the United States. Alone stood there sounded the alarm about the impending disastrous nuclear deal. And then when Trump comes in Netanya was fully vindicated. When from keeps his campaign promise to withdraw. The U. S from the nuclear deal on day puts a sanctions regime on Iran and, of course, the prime minister here in Israel ordered the daring January 2018 raid on a secret Iranian facility, which on Earth Unknown nuclear sites. So the Prime Minister Benjamin Yahoo, at times single handedly, and by the way, sometimes when even some opposition politicians here in the Middle East opposed him on this issue, the prime minister stood Many times along the Gulf Nations understood that they witnessed the bravery, the heroism of the prime minister, especially with regard to confronting Iran, and I think that that really set the seeds For what you saw in the last few days on. I think there's something seems forwhat we couldn't see in the coming weeks and months. I'm hoping sooner between Israel and other con Gulf nations, Erin, I misspoke. I said Somalia, I'm in Sudan a senior moment, Erin, it comes up a lot these days. Okay, fine detail. We have just a couple of minutes. Where are the Palestinians in this? I believe I saw a headline saying they were not participating. Is there more to it than that? The Palestinians time and again have on rejected it. Talks with Israel walked away many, many times. 1 6007 allegedly 2014 Trump came with this historic plan on which I actually just recently reread the entire thing yesterday. If this plan would revitalize. In fact it would we make the entire Palestinian economy it would take the Palestinian economy and put it on steroids on this is an excellent plan not just for Israel, but also for the future of the Palestinians. And yet, unfortunately, the Palestinians rejected even this plan. So it seems that the Gulf nations they obviously care deeply about the Palestinians, but they are not going to sit around and wait. For the Palestinians, I guess, come to their senses and accept the Trump plan or except negotiation with Israel. And so now we see a very different situation in the Middle East tectonic plates are have shifted. The Gulf nations are now trending toward Israel. And this actually, by the way, vindicates what Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has also repeatedly argued. We have 30 seconds 30 seconds. Aaron, go ahead. Continue along, argue that piece with the Gulf would have to come first. And then hopefully that would know to the Palestinians to end their rejection of Israel and come to the bargaining table. Aaron Klein, my colleague, now strategist to the Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, he's in Israel. Good news in the Middle East. I'm John Bachelor. This is the John Box Russia. Balance of nature changing the world. One life at a time. I just had a baby and I'm tired, but I could tell you this without balance of nature..

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