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Yeah. Frankie you'll indoor got all of that one nine. No question about that third inning. He gets it out there and gets the tribe to an early lead. But this guy just one goal away. Centerfield scored back. Look it up. Express. Astros, so too. Yeah. Alex bregman goes deep Houston winds up winning this one three two one. Boy, do they look good and. Garrett Cole was dealing if you're watching any of this. Oh my goodness. You know, I it's just it's it's impressive is what it is. When you see? Somebody get enrolled like this. It was or ownersh is our Hello. Was Clayton Kershaw while was channeling dodgers Clayton Kershaw night before last week. Just absolutely dealing through eight innings even brought him out in the ninth warm up a little bit to see who the the Braves would throw out there. And they said if they were gonna if a left-hander had come up there. They would have let Kershaw pitch. But when they went went went radio news when they decided to pull him out much to the dismay of a lot of fans were booing making all kinds of stuff like wow in let the guy get out of there with with his life. I mean, eight shutout innings of postseason ball. I think any dodger fan would take that out of Clayton Kershaw. Anyway. Yeah. Cole was just absolutely on it yesterday. So yeah. Now, you got Cleveland and Houston that game. Three two one is your final score there. All right. So coming up next. We'll take a look and see.

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