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You know Nina hardly a good friend of mine. She's been on this show like ten times she's It's funny that you work with Hartley and you work with Ron. Jeremy and I've known both of them for like God thirty years. I think really. Wow so that's amazing and you're not even thirty years old between you know actually now you are between you but maybe not each of you. You're certainly both under thirty. Thirty so So that's great. They're still having sex and doing porn. And and you're learning from the best really. You're learning from the icons so what what did you do with Nina. So it was it was my first VR. And I had to get used that shit because you know how you talk to somebody. And they're not talking back so you have to sit sit there and keep talking you feel Kinda stupid and I I one point. I think the doctor told me you have to laugh while you're doing this because you know they're gonNA they're not gonNA think you're enjoying this. I'm like I can understand smile and everything but laughing. I don't think anybody laughs or sex. I don't know maybe. Some people have all kinds of responses during sex pitcher right. Most people don't laugh like Ha during sex but he just was trying to get a rise out of you but against he got enough out of you you you showed yourself to have a good time. Yeah the director was a woman to oh I should say they more often. My grammatical self doesn't want to say they but cool okay. Anita what was she like with. You really really really nice and she honestly like I. She pretty much saved entire thing. Because I guess I don't know like you know like the the Mike was really nice and everything but it was just like okay. This is okay. What was the scenario? where she's supposed to be your mom or your aunt or your schoolteacher or I don't know always sounds I mean? Did you have sex with her. And there was a sort of a scene it was okay so this is pretty fucking fighting. But it's supposed to be. I'm dating Mike. And I'm like his like repressed Chinese girlfriend who is like not doing shit in bed and just lying there like applying or something and and so she. He's taking me to a sex therapist. Sex exactly played like me. Yeah well she is kind of a therapist. She's she's definitely a great sex educator right so she kinda showed you the ropes. Yeah and then you had a good time and then you started laughing. You're such a good time. Okay okay so are. Are you really Chinese or was that just for the Partly I'm Chinese Antonis only mentioned how es because my Mama's like Taiwanese when he's upper original which means she looks like a little more Filipino than like Domo Eastern Asian. I guess so I might look a little weird. I Dunno okay. Well it's son. San Gabriel Valley. Can I say yeah. San Gabriel Taiwan. Okay so so what is what do you like to do sexually. I like to Suck Dick. Okay you like to Suck Dick.

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