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That same. Feeling with james movie will not only. Is it going to be funny but there were things that happened. That for instance jamie. And i are doing anything to get to the all star break to to the to the all star weekend and at one we have to play to onto game against floyd mayweather in the game and and literally every day was a new thing like what in gaza and it ends up being no-holds-barred and you can fight and you can punch were and the game is guarding me about six four to forty the beg ebay boy and So i saw look in his eyes. I was like oh. Maybe he doesn't know that this is fair. no it was just. It was more method than method a methodist actor. What was happening so he was just an end. You know every day it was just. It was insane in incredible. Now you know. Could there possibly be some holes in the plot absolutely. It's a big road comedy. It's gonna be funny as hell. But i think that he's a perfectionist and someone in on his team has jamie. Let's let's just take a look at this thing. And i want to and i know i love the guy never spectrum and i i just hope to see some day and it's a great question because you know how do you know when you're shooting something. What what the end product is going to be and you never really know. I'm about to star movie. Hence my enormous mustache where I'm playing opposite Tirees and terrence howard in in the whole thing takes place in prison. I'm the warden now. The where i play wardens appear. I never you know. Think about that for a second. It's like on the board in okay you're the gracie you guy forgotten happened. Eight minutes.

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