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Or the opposite or the two separate organisations were and maybe goal in an but that's the big question for someone in washington right at will dhs has tsa department homeland security and then state department is for you ask and pay for the privilege of carrying a passport right and then dhs though has customs which it which of course is looks and immigration and they're the ones who checked to make sure your passport is legit some right okay seamen running out a web we we've and nobody works at any of them right okay i heard they fix that actual to fix it for the next few weeks another extensions it's all about extensions there you go so we're going to just another extent so i would say carrier passport justincase why not the one thing i was going to point out is that they actually because there is this glut they have actually been running fares in certain markets around the country to get people processed more quickly more rapidly detained focus on children and firsttimers but if you do find yourself in a bind um or if you know you're going to have to renew this year check your area and see if there's one of those in the area you might be able to get special treatment i think they are doing that new york at one point i was looking to get global entry for my daughter tiny tiny daughter an penn station was having like a satellite set up where you could go there typically you'd have to go all the way out to an airport like jfk or laguardia in the new york area and standin lines and get your fingerprint check but they were doing a little i don't know what it was a kiosk or whatever upon up a pop up or injury that bothered about i've.

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