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What he was talking about. The whole his so here's my. Favorite story today it's not a story I've, not heard before but I'm gonna just kinda toss it, over, to you Lauren and I'm telling you. Here it. Is that's that's this. Is my jam this is. Our future this this is how Los Angeles is. Going to survive your Uber eats delivery will. Arrive via, drone forget ubereats. My Uber body it's going to, be, delivered via There they are they say twenty. Twenty two twenty four twenty five they have a real plan afoot they're going to put on these. Flying car service this these big. Drones that we climb into an initially they're, gonna be piloted Venturi not piloted so it's going to, be, like birds but in the air it's. Going to. Be scooter gentrification is. A precursor to the Uber. Driver it's an interesting observation because because in a. Weird way in a weird way those scooters. Those in, San Francisco I. Don't really have the same thing Major city show these. Scooters are, a response to, how crappy, our transport. Systems are and how burned out. Our roads are and people just have found a. Way of getting around it which is what we will. Do as human being and I'm telling. You the only thing we really can, do is get up, in the air that's the. Ultimate solution to these horrible infrastructure problems ticket. In southern California where by the way no excuse me of ice and snow, here now we didn't have rain. Anymore now there's no power lines because No I, mean most cities like, New, York power lines are underground because of. The ice and snow a lot. Of neighborhoods here and keep them Like the turn of the century the previous century might be this is the thing though, with all these drones are you know how are they going to talk to. Each other even if they're different companies operating them because clogged, ultimately I'm sure that be more Uber is the one that's. Got aggressively going towards they've got. A place to build. Downtown there being a platform and that's where you're going to get your Burs down there Uber flight zoo and I am I. Am. Patient one I'm gonna go right right down and do it. Because I anything to literally fly in. The face or get, off, the, road, yeah fly in the face of. The. Incompetence of, our government's ability take our money and use it productively eight hundred two two two five two two two is our phone number In a few minutes we're. Going to bring an. Attorney Mark Tate in he's going to discuss with us the plight of his client Chris who is sexual abuse victim by a. Priest, since he was thirteen years of age back in nineteen eighty. Seven and then the churches continuous coverage. Of the idea of the pope stepping down for this Lauren does not I don't wanna use the. Wrong language. Does not satisfy me I don't know. Why he said that he has he's guilty and. I think he needs us an example because he the idea, of a pope stepping down to sort of anathema he's the vicar of Christ he's been chosen the one right perform, stepped down he's like, I'm old I don't wanna do this anymore. To retire that's true, so it's not I think it'd be a I think it's a. Bigger should, set an. Example I do only because he has admitted. To wrongdoing. He has admitted Yesterday about. Louis c. k. I think. Making things of right is, a bigger task in a more important task than people disappearing, disappearing is a. Primitive thing I need you to die, go away as opposed to let's get some a men's going and make things whole. Again I understand that but so far. What he's done is is the opposite holy agree found out about this stuff and he helped hide it therefore he's not doing anything to change I completely agree, with you on there. For his immense. Is going to have to be, sustained an, impressive and substantial or or if. He's not up for that he should step down. I do agree it's stepping down as an option but we we have to get past these the Catholic church really needs to sort itself out I mean at this point when you hear about the stories that happened, and, we're, about to hear that another one we're. Gonna hear your kids are, safer at a bar or even online day live. Eight hundred two two two five to two is. A Lawrence Vaughan Dr drew, midday live Dr drew. Midday live on geo eight ten.

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