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When i said that the idea that trump doesn't have anything illegal in his business dealings years hilarious he did deals with guys like philly seder all the time fee seder cut some guy's face open and got in trouble with the law massively on several different occasions by the way got out of that trouble his this is komo by ratting out his partners so these are the guys that trump's business with and michael cohen is take dick dick dick dick did so aside from the manafort concession there or possible favor i should say there were other things that came out after this meeting took place let's go to graphic nine one source in kip said poro shaneco had given a trump a gift making sure that ukraine would find no more evidence to give the us inquiry into whether the trump campaign colluded with russia okay gifts yes also a report by a member of a western countries intelligence community says poor chen goes t team believed they have established a non aggression pact with trump and just to give you a sense of some of the money involved in all this stuff the report says that an element of the understanding between the ukrainian president and trump was that ukraine agreed to import us cole and signed a one billion dollar contract for american made diesel trains let me just be clear that ukraine had absolutely no need for those things they have their own coal they have their own resources but it turns out that they spent a billion dollars on importing us goods instead we'll look.

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