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I two seventy five interchange is quite a backup is all activities on the right shoulder but everybody's get over to the left lane south seventy five again approaching two seventy five in Monroe so the truck for is located will be back with an update at seven away controversial remarks during last night's speech in battle creek when president trump matching congresswoman Debbie Dingell and some say destroy late husband congressman John Dingell well this morning the Congress woman is reacting we go live in local now for the story that W. WJZY related hi Charlie good morning Tom president trump was talking about how she he received a phone call from Debbie Dingell thanking him for the treatment the memorial service that he gave her late husband John Dingell but he said this she calls me up the salacious thing that's ever happened thank you so much John would be so thrilled he's looking down a piece thank you so much Sir I said that's okay don't worry about it babies look it up so Debbie Dingell sure the president apologize I'm not going to criticize something that you should not ban so my family still very much grieving for John Anderson everyday thanksgiving was hard Christmas is hard he's impacting not only people that he wants to take shots at which is me my husband didn't deserve a shot but it's a family grieving reporting live Charlie Langton W. J. newsradio nine fifty it's a story here hearing first on W. W. J. a state lawmaker ready to take on mayor Mike Duggan for the city's top job here's our city beat reporter Vicki Tom I think it's a black one man to leave the city of Detroit as mayor state representative here gave Daniel go ready to toss her hat into the ring and she's expected to make.

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