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Today eleven to former chicago public school students today testified state legislative committee hearings about the teachers who sexually assaulted them and the school investigators who they say question their honesty when they reported the assault now so members of chicago city counsels they need to hold their own hearings into the scandals i expose by the chicago tribune wbz political editor craig delaware with the story from city hall hubert vigo's acknowledges there are several investigations and hearings underway into the way the chicago public schools handle cases of faculty and staff accused of abusing students but via who leads the city council's latino caucus says his group the women's caucus the black caucus and the progressive caucus all need answers to give their constituents we would definitely like to hear from cps janice jackson zones her leadership team we would love to hear an itchy how he plans to move forward i want to hear from him about what type of budget is he looking to ask for from cps also find out is are they going to be coming to a city council for for some revenue or some funds he says as a parent of two he'd be devastated defined there been abuse in his children's schools and parents were not informed at city hall craig delamore newsradio one one zero five point nine fm school ceo janice jackson did not appear before today's latest legislative committee the district and said since several middle managers speak for the district thousands of people assigned to chicago women's petition asking the cpa and metro to install blue lighting stations in attempt to reduce suicide petitioner kelsey be rights that a japanese study showed an eighty four percent drop in suicides once calming lights were installed she says suicides here are up and the public posting prevention hop alone has not helped she set a goal of sixteen thousand signatures on her care to petition at the petition site dot com and she's virtually there kelsey says the lights alone won't be a cure all for violence racism or sexism but it's worth a.

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