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Scheibner you had fifteen carries for fifty yards and three touchdowns and Chris harness. What a terrific fullback. He is thirty carries for two hundred sixty three yards two touchdowns, including an eighty yard run that just electrified the crowd from Michelle Walker. It was just a great performance on the offense aside of things and defensively. They they really had a short field to defend against a couple of times because of those special teams problems. But with all that adversity that ten had like being down by fourteen three different times in the game. They actually had a chance to win the game with two seconds remaining. Ryan Madera three seven yard field goal. Just go wide left or else pen wins the game and and regulation, but Milwaukee's coach talked about scored on the first possession of overtime. And then they sat quarterback Ron policy was scrambling out of the. Pocket to to secure the win so eight and one on the regular season five and all in the NFC north and coach kinder's K and then captured themselves their first title since two thousand ten that's impressive stuff. No question about it. Mike Knesset and the regional radio sports network on the Saint Vincent sports performance hotline. Michigan walk forty nine forty two winters over pin in overtime, Mike. Thanks for the call have a great weekend you Bob. Thanks one hall of Famer to the next Danna gerski w RAF in Evansville on the Saint Vincent sports performance hotline. Evansville, Reitz beat seven so modern day thirty five seven, Dan. Thanks so much for the call very impressive win for rights tonight. I really was Bob. This is a team that defense much maligned the first couple of weeks of the season given up thirty five points and lot of people thinking this was the worst rights defense in the history of the school that I had just started out with a three four. He went back to their old four three alignment about week three or four and the defense is really played sound football. The last few weeks to hold the Batard eighteen to seven poorest tonight. Fifty eight yards rushing for the Wildcats tonight a hundred yards passing. So to give one hundred fifty eight yards that saying something defensively and they're playing football right now. And they've got a big test next week against central are rematch a game in week four where the Panthers lead at fourteen nothing happened at central coming back in the second half and wearing a twenty six to twenty one. But the offense right now clicking as well ally. Week Carter smaller than Alex Mitchell combined for two hundred ninety seven yards tonight. Those guys carrying the football. And it was a very impressive performance offensively. But defense way as the story right top, and it's Kim going into the state tournament. Actually, I was talking about sexual twenty four. I've mentioned a couple of times tonight. My goodness. There's some really good teams in the sectional. Really are you know, everybody looks at that. Right central game. But a month ago, nobody would have given Gaspar much of a chance. They did tonight at mount Vernon. I tell you what I mean, they had some some comparable high wins the last couple of weeks, and they'll walk purpose. Had a great job keeping you updated. But what they did the night to go down to mount Vernon and beat a rather. Good mount Vernon team fifty five to nineteen. They've breakaway put their name and say forget about that should be a great tournament. I don't know whole lot about north you. But they're there. Absolutely. Yeah. Yeah. So you know, they'll be the next week central the jazz central rights play. Undefeated right number ten of the state. Yeah. It's gonna be an outstanding sexual twenty-four. Whoever was that thing is certainly going to have to hurt it. Well, thirty sectional number thirty two. I mean memorial obviously, number one in the defending champs, but Lincoln Vinson's Lincoln, heritage chills. Gibson southern all ranked in the top fifteen. I'll tell you what we're going to have some fun in southern Indiana. You're gonna have a whole lot. There's gonna be some rape football. And and memorial right now, they've just been playing at another level all year long it, and I'll tell you what John already. I thought council would give them a little bit of a game tonight. It's thirty nine seven. And this defense has given up two touchdowns. Their first defense has given up two touchdowns the entire year. That's how good that defense for memorial. Is that guy named Linda our too? So yeah, he's he's not too bad. He's done. Okay. Any gerski hall of Famer.

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