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For the story line and this is where it kind of all culminate Milton berle now. I at all. But it's been so long since. I actually read death superman revenge. The superman returns to grant but the identity of the superman reign of the siberian. Sorry make it rain superman. It was a was it really a big mystery. Who cyborg superman was because it was supposedly this really big. Reveal this issue we was built up to it and then it got interrupted. And they did it again. They're they're few issues before this. Yeah they went through his whole origin. Which i ca. I mean i guess for some people was just because i mean again. He was at disembodied party. Consciousness in like a little pod when he laughed and again some people might started reading with death of superman or you know the rain so you might not have been familiar with that. You know if you had never read them. It's like oh this is what happened. You know because because cyborg in what the eradicate or they had been yet previous stories. Yeah john henry. Irons was new and super boy. It has been like cloned now. This came out as a newsstand edition with normal cover also came out with metallic cover or a. Yeah i don't think was it. Boil cover. Maybe yeah might've been foil. It's metallic reform yet. some kind of like shiny. Ah yeah yeah. I go i remember. I had the i got this shiny one think i did too. That's right. I feel old. I was i read. This one came out to me to all right. So superman eighty two also from october nineteen ninety-three back for good isn't it always good. When you come back from the dead and depends on or universe. You're living in raider and pencil. Or dan jergens inker brett breeding. Colorist glenn whitmore letters. John costanza stanza editors frank histories and mike carlin. So yes as a as a comic book writer will. Can you imagine doing the writing and pencilling. I can't even draw stick. You've i do want to say that. As much as i like jerry. Ordway superman danger oregon superman kind of defined the this era superman at least for me. Why mind me too. That's because i read so much. Insure against superman. But yeah as a few from the nineties. I just anytime you can hear their name. I'm like oh. Yeah that's ninety superman yet. Danger ganz and john baga into to there's something about jergens superman it sums up the era. just that's that's what i think by thinking. Ninety superman wait till we get electric. Yup all right the eradicators super boy show up to see that the engine of engine city has been shut down. As how jordan contends with mongo using steals hammer superman presses on to contend with cyborg who reveals himself. The superman is being ken. Shaw supergirl and a weakened steel and ruined armor offer. Assistance part of the way until steel causes the machinery of engines. Yeoman's cyborg the the machine of engine city become alive and capture them also manipulating. What's left of steals armored to start. Try strangling him. Super bowl uses his tactile telekinesis the break the armor cyborg has controlled. Wow radicati tries to reason with superman about being on the same side also telling him how he was brought back from the dead soon. They meet cyborg at the power core of the city which is being powered by kryptonite sideboard. Breaks the protective casing. Exposes superman to it's radiation superman seals off the doors to prevent the radiation from spreading elsewhere. Then tries to use a gun on cyborg which the evil posture causes to explode. The eradicated plast cyborg with energy bursts along with superman from another powerful weapon until causes his chata shatter cyborg rips off a pipe. Spewing kryptonite radiation and aims at superman aratu cater shield superman from the burst but it ends up passing through his body streaking superman. How jordan appears finished with his battle with mongolian uses protective bobbled. Enter the power. Courtroom was steel super point supergirl as the room is filled with kryptonite radiation superman now emerges from behind cyborg taking his keep baptist striking the cyborg powerful blow that goes through his potty revealing that the kryptonite passing through the aratu caters body had changed now restored all of his powers for now superman. Now shake cyborg apart until all until he has all in pieces with no side of him being anywhere in the city. Where superman script. Tony bodysuit now in tatters supergirl refashioned it into his moral superman uniform any flies back to metropolis while the other heroes remained in engine city to take care of things. Superman now fills glad that he is alive again. Feels glad that part but but yeah the decatur yet changed the kryptonite radiation. The give superman his powers back. But like i don't know if starts absorbing solar power like way too much 'cause like couple months from now link. Superman dislikes is power. Start going out of control. We started like ball. He looks like it the hulk at the end of the process. Does he have to leave the planet or something. Yeah think Doesn't he somebody from cadmus there. They go up to some satellite in orbit yet to try and help them get rid of his extra power around the same time all the clones start getting echina- and everyone's like oh. Hey lex. luther son is at lex luther son. It's actually lex luther in a clone body Oh this again. This one was reprinted in that same as the other one. O superman navigation number in nineteen ninety three. This was number thirty of the triangle numbers. You have four superman books a month man. I like to ordered them in told you exactly what ordered read them and how exactly you see. It really was the never ending story. Because.

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