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A reality the nation can no longer ignore. Scientists have been warning us for years that extreme weather is going to get more extreme. We're living it in real time now. Jennifer KING Washington President Biden is highlighting domestic investment in climate change. As he continues a trip out West President Joe Biden is headed to Colorado, part of a two day swing through Western states. Biden is pitching his massive domestic spending package will be visiting the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden, Colorado. He's expected to highlight how investments in clean energy will help combat climate change after wildfire briefings in Idaho and a tour of the massive Kauder fire threatening like Tahoe. In California. The president spoke at a campaign rally for California Governor Gavin Newsom, who's facing a recall and praise Newsom's leadership on responding to climate change. The president says spending on resilience now could save on future costs, calling your round fires and other extreme weather events a reality The nation can no longer ignore. Jennifer King. Washington The leader of Norway's Labour Party is to start talks in an attempt to build a coalition after the center left bloc beat the incumbent Conservatives. And one Norway's general elections. With all votes counted, the Labour Party and its two left leaning allies, the Socialists left and the Eurosceptic Center Party grabbed 100 seats in the 169 seat assembly and seemed likely to put an end to eight years of rule by the conservatives. The Labour leader is now starting talks to build a coalition. Monday's result means the currently all five Nordic countries in Europe have left leaning governments. I'm Charles de Ledesma. Thank you for listening to the AP Radio Network. Did.

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