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Of Plainfield street. Run here. The stories we're working on today. The investigation continues after CCRI Warwick's campus was evacuated yesterday this came after a shell casing was found in a hallway of the main building Warwick police chief Colonel Rick rathburne tells eyewitness news. There's no reason to take any chances is a different world than it has been in the past. And we have to take he bunnies of caution. It's after a thorough. Sweep was conducted that included the help of firearms detecting dogs. It was determined that. It was safe to reenter the building CCRI. President Meagan Hughes says Tuesday's deadly shooting at the university of North Carolina. Charlotte was a factor in the decision to evacuate the entire campus. A former westerly man is being sentenced to twenty years in state prison for a nineteen ninety murder of an elderly woman. The state attorney general's office says David Roscoe was originally tried and found guilty in two thousand sixteen for. For the murder of Germain motion in her West Warwick apartment, but the conviction was overturned by the Rhode Island supreme court earlier this year, the office says now Roscoe pleaded guilty to one count of second degree murder yesterday. The Rhode Island Senate is approving a package of bills backed by labor unions that have already received house approval. The bills passed yesterday included several that would indefinitely extend contracts for police fire municipal employees and teachers, well, the Goshi nations are taking place. Governor Raimondo vetoed, a similar evergreen Bill in two thousand seventeen but reportedly she's leaning towards signing this version the other bills would mandate overtime pay for firefighters who averaged forty two hours a week or more attorney general Bill bar claims. He was surprised that special counsel. Robert Muller did not make a recommendation about obstruction of Justice. We did not understand exactly why the special counsel was not reaching a decision. And when we pressed him on it. He. He said that his team was still formulating the explanation during a Senate hearing yesterday bar said he's confident that he made the right decision. Not to pursue a broader investigation of obstruction. A teenage Guatemalan immigrant in federal custody is dead. In texas. The sixteen year old was under the supervision of the office of refugee resettlement within days of being taken to a shelter in Texas. He got sick. He died on Tuesday. No cause has been reported yet. The Federal Reserve is likely to keep interest rates steady for an extended period of time. Brian shook has those details. That's according to reserve chairman Jerome Powell who spoke to reporters Wednesday after the central bank's policy meeting that the fed doesn't see a strong case for a rate cut or hike Powell added the Federal Reserve feels comfortable with current policy, and there's not a strong case for moving in either direction. Brian shook NBC News Radio. The rabbi who was wounded in the San Diego synagogue suiting is headed to Washington. Rabbi Yisrael Goldstein will be a guest today. At the national day of prayer event at the White House. He received a personal invitation from the president NewsRadio nine twenty one zero four seven FM sports, Mitch Moreland and Christian Vasquez. Hit home runs to help power. The Red Sox to a seven to three win over the athletics at Fenway park. The Red Sox are in Chicago tonight to open a four game series with the White Sox. The Bruins will try to avoid falling into a three to one series whole tonight when they skate against the blue jackets in Columbus. It's the PawSox doubleheader this afternoon as they take on buffalo. Pre game coverage starts at noon on NewsRadio nine twenty one zero four seven FM. Get news on demand twenty four seven at NewsRadio RI dot com. Now, more of.

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