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Picked up second baseman, Brian dosier for the twins Grizz at forty two home runs the brewers landed second. Baseman Jonathan skull, from the Orioles who sit in three sixty with nine homers in nineteen RBI in July, and the Philly's got all star. Catcher Wilson Ramos from the race. But he's on, the disabled list with that, left hand string expected back in mid to late. August or early September and count David Ross are ESPN baseball analyst among those who was a fan Wilson Ramos well this is. One of the biggest impacts for for the trade deadline and is Phillies club catching. Has been one of their weak spots as far as offense goes well Ramos. In two thousand sixteen catching by behind him when he was with Washington, was a huge impact this guy carried. That lineup he was the difference maker in that. Line for me after Bryce Harper he's a guy. It lengthens their lineup and they need their offense to production to go along with this great pitching staff so I think that's a huge pickup for the Philadelphia Phillies McClintock doing a phenomenal. Job This radio show have combined to not turn the lights on for Gerbera excited about If I can come back and set a record milestone My job well done. Like I've done my job that was for you guys I love you guys Guys anyway. We, get a cake yeah Situation got, some sort of, something ready a cupcake anything. Mini cupcakes don't care what it is they took the. Time to have all this production ready we could've. Spent that time at, the bakery money we got. A calf somebody make a run baby let's let's just. Say I'm here for. You Here.

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