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Your severe weather station, Um, nine for his warning forecaster, or even Richard. These radio 700 wlw right now were it 71 degrees since the police investigating a shooting happened early this morning along marrying way downtown near Great American ballpark. There's no word yet on the conditions of the victims are possible suspects is the third shooting. In the areas of the banks in the past month, Shots fired during a police chase that northern Kentucky Kenton County police say they fired on the driver of a car who rammed a police cruiser on Madison Pike Light last night. Officers say the driver put his vehicle in reverse after being pulled over and hit the officer's vehicle before fleeing on foot woman's dead after a rollover crash that happened in Forest Park. Police say the victim and the accident was in her twenties, lost control while driving on West Campus Road about midnight. More trouble for another Kentucky judge facing removal from office, The Judicial conduct Commission has added new charges to the list of allegations filed against Kenton County Family Court judged on Gentry. These new charges involved not being honest with the commission and retaliating against a witness. Her hearing for removal has been delayed because of the pandemic. Man who took this case to the U. S. Supreme Court to win the right for gays to marry is now endorsing P. G. Sittenfeld for mayor of Cincinnati. Jim Obergefell says Sit involves a progressive leader who will continue to champion the cause of equality. In a statement released by the Sittenfeld campaign, Obergefell says Cincinnati will always be a special place to him a city he says where he helped change. The course of history, he says, was Sittenfeld in charge. He knows his future will be an excellent hands. Hamilton County Public Health Department OK did, a spokesman tells Channel nine news that It worked with Coney Island on plans for a giant pool party ended up getting out of hand. Saturday night old Coney Health Department says plan the private event was approved for up to 1200 people. When it became clear that a much larger crowd was showing up at sunlight pull, police recalled. The party had to be shut down video from the event. Those people not wearing mass packed together, dancing is rapper boozy, perform. Posters on social media been warning Coney Island all week through sites like Twitter to cancel the event, saying it just screamed. Corona virus. News Service of O H c, oncology, hematology Care and summer Chrysler JEEP. Our next update. City 30 on Brian comes news Radio seven W W This report is sponsored by Liberty Mutual Insurance Where you only pay for what you need. Today's.

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