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I had a little something and It's true though if you think about you like yeah the athletes but you're afraid of black also on the dating APP. We both have the fancy Pantheon so many hockey hockey players. Oh that's funny. 'cause I'm on this end and I'm sure there's a ton of models there's so many hog and they're hockey pirates hockey in there in LA. So they're either king or Or a duck boat pretty sexy. Did the aim high mighty ducks and written by. Steve Brill. They all the name he wrote. I angry he wrote the movie. They then name the the team after them and then he disney and one week they named the actual team after the media and gave Steve Brill. No money and he was like fuck doc in how. `Bout go fuck yourselves and Sue Disney is like fifteen years ago in one thousand nine hundred and he. He's a he directed sandwich special. All all the The do is just not named after the movie. But it's but it's branding. It's just sake loan. It's in Anaheim. Disney's and Brill one and he directed sandwich special and the fact that by the way fact that Sandwich special wasn't on any year in best list. Grays fucking insane some such a great special so I think that a sports coaches are. I think it's a weird thing. Were there naturally racist because so much of sports is yelling at people and when it's white people yelling at black people able it you can only think of one thing I flavor or as my Italian friend Rita use sloppy. It's love she would call Slavery Sloppy SNOB. Adi So I think it's naturally racist and I think hockey's especially especially raises because it's they don't really as much as you have the the the quilt or whatever the fuck. The mosaic of Canadian representation black is a big one. There's five or six big ones. Black Five Lindsey. vonn is is actually engaged. Someone Lindsey Vonn by the way watch the HBO Go. There's Lindsey vonn documentary that came out. We were two weeks ago I think a week ago. Oh and she is engaged to one of the guys a black cell. She but she's fucking great right yeah. She dated Tire Woods. And this guy but she keeping the right fucking white white white black representatives tentatives wife in a white world she but the DOC is dope and she has a cool chick. We friends on instagram or twitter. She's a DSP is housed uh-huh. She's cool chick and watch the doctor. You can't watch that. I watched another doc on net. Flix called dream killer which is an acquisitions that in make it. But it's really good. What what is it about? It's about a guy who gets accused of murder. And and then addict addicted to jail and then trials and love trials. Yeah a guy named him is concerned the his good try conspiracy. Here's the guy has his cohort senator So that's so sports is racist by. You've got mail you WANNA read. There's one friend high nunc Ian Bianchi. I'll accept it pretty good along. Well Oh back. I was talking to a gay friend of mine when a topic came up that you might be interested in. He was offended by a comment made to him about the gay slash drag drag community shameless appropriating black female Sassy mannerisms and speech. I believe the accusation was made by a black woman and being Beijing's fuck and of mixed descent. I don't really think I qualified to be licensing any permission to be a saucy Ebony Bitch the question is do you think this assessment about gay cultures. Correct is this truly an offensive cultural appropriation or just another form of flattery. Oh I do have girl well. I saw this shirt. I think I mentioned it once and it was white girls doing impression of gay men doing an impression of black women. I don't know what the shirt was doing. But as I that that's their culture address drag but drug at least I mean drag is a little bit more extra in all sense of the word but gay culture being fun and I think charming in gay culture is how close can you get to a black. You a strong black Adminstra- uh-huh honestly it's a bit minstrelsy. You don't do black face but you do black character face. It's one hundred percent. It's black face without it. I actually actually watched. I don't know why I follow. These like militant black blogs sometimes is to just making me laugh and they showed showed this movie. I forgot what it was but it was just a black face. Movie they showed a snippet and out. It's pretty darn spot on like they. We're doing yes high quality. Not Yes it's divert If you go oh girl you know. I don't yet like it's they're doing that's what it is it's cultural. It's what I was saying a few months ago which is hollow leans going to be over soon. You're not going to be able to. They do because the calculations on these things if you really get into it. It's I mean it's fucked up is gay. Hey people thinking black women are fun and then acting like them fucked up if you're selling again if you're selling it I think the problem is I mean there's there's a whole culture gay culture is that what are they making its are they specifically selling elling drag queens drag Queens. Absolutely are a lot of them are acting like Sassy black. The sisters but we don't talk about it but there's a lot of discrimination in LGBT Q.. That's a bunch of them. Okay cool anybody else want to go. There's a lot of discrimination and in that community towards each other you know there. Is I know that when you're trans for longtime you've been like we're gay. Hey Mike you want to be a woman like there is discrimination in that community against Trans People in La. It's very different than the bay in the Bay Bay Lesbians and gays all hang out in. La It's very split lesbians hanging out in their area. Gays hang on their area. I've been to. I used to live in boys town. Town wipers moved here. There's so many times I'd go out with my friends. Who are gay that I lived with like? Oh this is a men's only party and so there is this kind of exclusivity lucidity in certain gay. I guess hubs I'm not sure so it does. It's not as I title. I honestly don't know I I've heard mixed things I don't know I think it depends on the culture of where you are. I think in the south. It's a little bit more. I don't I know enough but I do think we don't talk about as much an gay men kind of filter out black Sassy black culture sure towards palpable for white women where everyone is like. Guess Clean Work Sleigh. Also also it's cheesy. It's all. Yeah then I wonder if you look beyond. Say's hair air makeup team. You wonder are they getting. I feel like once or that famous. You get all of every culture you get from your hair and makeup people. That's the thing if if they're gay then they're telling beyond say they're telling whoever gave union or any of these people We should've talked about Gabby Union suing we. We can talk about. Won't the funny thing about what you're saying is kind of chicken or the egg because we're talking about gay. Whiteman but beyond thing how to album refuse out called Sasha fears. I guarantee you a gay man came up. Yeah no way. She came up with that so I don't I not sure how to you split who's contributing and who's taking. I think it's both but I think we're talking about black people black gay men and black black women well taking and give. They'll be safe as long as they don't wear box breaks goodbye. Bianca next the question is shut down with perfect closing of button. You've got me. Hi Neal and Bianca I thoroughly. I thoroughly non researched observe eighth and K just joking one second and go. Hi Neal and Bianca eight thoroughly non researched observation. I've made Hurlingham thoroughly researched observation. I made that isn't remotely empirical or even Humorous Women with wider hips. Seem seem to be free skier got a little something. Fo- you got a little will got a little some.

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