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ESPN one thousand. We update you on the college football scores who's Chris black? Chris our guys in the top twenty five as we were just talking about six minutes left in the second quarter for Clemson. Florida state. Clemson leads fourteen nothing, Wisconsin and northwestern are playing up in Evanston at this moment. Four fifty five left in the second quarter. It's tied ballgame seven to seven at this moment. There are only two other games going on in the big ten this morning before the games kick off at two thirty window Purdue and Michigan state sixty six with four eleven left in the second quarter. And but cookman and Nebraska. Three minutes left in the second quarter sea all season long, I've paused dramatically for all the Nebraska scores because it's been an upset alert the entire way. Nebraska's taking care of business. Against but soon cookman thirty five to three so Scott frost in northwestern. Looking for Nebraska looking for their second. It's a it's a tough tough environment. Go into four Bethune cookman coming from wherever that school is. Bresca dare you into Nebraska. Color hosting. We had to look at. Actress. Came in here, real talk. And he goes where is cook open? I had to look it up and they told him out. How dare you say that about what's been cooking? I dated her. And that's your Chicago college tailgate scoreboard. What? Now time for the playoff. Predictor Chicago's cottage tailgates. Predictor?.

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